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When You Should Change Your Locks

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015

When You Should Change Your Locks

Many homeowners do not think about changing their locks until something bad happens that causes it to be an emergency. Many of these homeowners do not know the right time to change their locks and replace them with new ones. The following are some of the circumstances you should consider changing your locks, thanks to the locksmiths over at

When You Lose Your Keys

lost keys1This is perhaps the most crucial time to change your locks. When you can’t find the keys to your home for some time, change your locks without hesitation. In this situation, several things may have happened. First, a thief might have stolen the keys and later use them to break into your home. Or someone might have picked them and he/she may get the idea of stealing. It’s advisable to go ahead and change your locks even if you eventually find the keys because they might have been copied.

After A Divorce

Divorce can be a bitter process, and people tend to have bad feelings. In as much as you trust your partner, material property can be an area of contention. The first thing to do when the other person moves out is to change your locks because they can return and steal or vandalize your property. Do the same thing when your roommate or employee moves out.

You don’t want to come back from a week-long holiday to find that your ex-roommate held a rogue party in your room.

When Moving To A New Home Or Apartment

New homeWhen you move to a new home or apartment, you need to change the locks right away because you don’t know if the former occupant made copies of the old keys. They may return and burglarize your home. It may also be possible that they were careless and allowed copies of the old keys made for other people. Since you cannot be sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry and change all the locks.

If You Had A Break-in Or Attempted Break-in

If a burglar successfully breaks into your house, you need to change your locks immediately because the locks didn’t perform their purpose of keeping out burglars. Besides, the burglar obviously has the knowledge of how to manipulate your locks.

Do the same thing even if the break-in failed because the burglar might have damaged the locks in their attempt to gain access to your house. Change your locks, to prevent a second break-in attempt and improve the overall security of your home.

When Your Locks Are Worn

Although they are made of metal, they are prone to wear and tear. Worn out locks are a real home security weakness since they are easier to pick and break.

If Your Children Have Keys

Children are not as responsible as adults when it comes to taking care of home keys. They may lose their keys at some point and found them, or even lent them to a friend. As a result, it’s a good practice to change your locks on a regular basis.

When You Want Modern Locks For Greater Home Security

Locks may fail quite often and that is a good sign that you need to replace your locks with modern ones. Even if your locks have served you reliably for years, it’s a good idea to change them because the locksmith industry is ever changing and new security technologies are being developed. By changing your locks regularly, you get the latest and most secure technology to protect your home.

When You Ask Someone To Check On Your House

At times, you are forced to lend out your keys to other people whom you trust. It could be a neighbor, family relative or a cleaner. In as much as you may trust the person you gave your keys, you cannot know if someone unscrupulous had access to your keys. Once you return, and your keys given back to you, consider changing your locks.

Its also prudent to change your locks if you give out spare keys to service people and you don’t get them back.

Hire the services of a qualified locksmith to get the job quickly and effectively. Although it may come with a cost, it’s worth it as you can know your personal property is safe and secure.