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My Jeep Key Is Missing – Help!

Posted by on Sep 27, 2016

My Jeep Key Is Missing – Help!

Losing your Jeep keys can be a frustrating and a highly inconvenient occurrence. However, with the readily available car key specialist and locksmith services available, you need not worry. These experts can provide the ideal solution to your lost Jeep key predicament even at odd hours. Car key specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in vehicle entry and cutting new auto keys. With their fast service delivery as well as high level of efficiency, you will be back to your journey at the least possible time. If you happen to be in Colorado, check out CO Car Keys.

Essential Qualities To Expect From The Reputable Locksmith:

A Cheaper Alternative

jeep-logoA car key specialist is available 24 hours a day to assist people locked out of their vehicles or those who lose their keys. In most cases, it is usually cheaper to pay a locksmith than to seek assistance from your insurance company. Essentially, many people will find the amount they pay the locksmith way below their deductible with the insurance firm. This makes a high powered locksmith the best and cheap option when you lose the keys to your Jeep.

Also, once the auto locksmith comes to your aid, you no longer have to call in a recovery vehicle. Recovery vehicles are costly, and they simply change the keys. Instead, calling in the locksmith will save you a lot of money and trouble. Moreover, this service is available in many parts of the country and is especially beneficial for travelers and tourists driving their own vehicles. Emergency locksmith services are provided to anyone in need of immediate help.

Advanced Tools and Equipment

toolsToday’s auto locksmiths are highly skilled in the approach they take to gain entry to a vehicle mostly because they have to work with the latest transponder keys. Beyond the expertise to successfully open a locked door, the locksmith will have the required hardware and software to re-cut or reprogram a key when necessary. You also find that the most responsible locksmith will be able to gain entry to your vehicle without causing any damage to the door.

Competitive Pricing

You will likely find that a well-established locksmith is able to carry out the re-entry and key cutting service at a fraction of the cost which might be charged by the leading car dealerships for the same work.

Immobilizer Reflashing (reprogramming)

If you have a vehicle equipped with a theft deterrent, such as an immobilizer, then you will likely to be aware that these can at times become defective which prevents the vehicle from starting. If you do have issues with the internal immobilizer becoming inoperable, then you will find that the auto locksmith is also highly efficient at repairing this particular part of the vehicle.

Broken Keys

Similar to the situation with the complete lockout, the auto locksmith is able to be very efficient when it comes to dealing with broken keys. It is often found that the plastic casing on some of the modern keys can be quite weak and if it does break it can cause the internal microchip to become inoperable. In situations like this, you can rely on the auto locksmith to quickly and easily create the duplicate key.

Easy Availability Of Services

Locksmith services for a lost key should be available any hour of the day and night. Most of the locksmith firms offer their services 24/7. Such services come in handy for emergency cases or at odd hours. If you find yourself in a compromising situation that calls for car key locksmith services, you should contact the customer service providers at the toll-free number, and a technician nearest to your location is sent to sort out the matter. These experts have some keys that are customized to open any and every type of car locks. They also possess a set of master keys that can open most locks.

Variety of Services

Besides providing a solution to your lost jeep keys, a car key specialist can provide other additional services. These services include rekeying the doors to facilitate opening and unlocking of the car door, replacing broken ignition keys, laser cutting of car keys, making of duplicate keys, emergency vehicle and trunk opening, key extraction, and much more.


Calling a local car key locksmith or specialist will not only save you time and energy but money as well. You should ensure that the locksmith company you choose to call, offers auto locksmith services such as ignition key replacement for your car model and chip key activation if necessary. Also, you should verify that the locksmith you hire is fully certified by the state as well as insured and bonded.

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Is It Common To Get Your Key Stuck In The Ignition?

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016

Is It Common To Get Your Key Stuck In The Ignition?

Is it common to get your key stuck in the ignition? This question has been asked by nearly everyone, especially car owners. While people may have different views, the answer to the question is “yes”. Yes, it is common to get your key stuck in the ignition. Like many machines, certain things in a car can occasionally go wrong. Some gadgets in a car can go wrong if they are not well maintained or taken care of properly. Ideally, some can also experience occasional hiccups despite proper maintenance and care. In other words, it is not easy and it is nearly impossible to prevent your key from being stuck in the car’s ignition. But good news is you can fix the whole situation without much hassle. Thanks to for the useful information.

Common Reasons for a Stuck Key in the Car’s Ignition

However, before you begin figuring out how to get your stuck key from the car’s ignition, you must first, understand what is making your key be stuck in there. Because a key that will not turn is time consuming, stressful, and frustrating, you may be desperately in need of a solution. While some solutions are effective, others are not, and may make the whole situation more difficult. It is crucial to check for causes that make your key be stuck in the car’s ignition, as this will help prevent more problems. Some of the common reasons include:

Loose cablesLoose Cables: Loose cables are either located behind the ignition or inside the dashboard. When your key is stuck in the car’s ignition, one of the first places to visit is the loose cable. If you find that a loose cable is the reason for a stuck key, replacing it may be the best bet.

A worn out Wheel Lock Cylinder: Another thing that can make your key be stuck in the car’s ignition is a worn out wheel lock cylinder. One effective way to detect a worn out wheel lock cylinder is by inserting a fob or key into the wheel lock cylinder and try to turn it. If there is difficulty turning the key or fob, your wheel lock cylinder may be worn out. There is one less turn for the key or fob to go in its lifetime every time you insert it (key or fob) into the wheel lock cylinder.

Dead Car BatteryBattery is dead: Dead battery can also be another reason for a stuck key. You may consider checking your battery if a key is stuck in the car’s ignition. Although this is not that common, a dead battery can make a key remain stuck in the ignition of some cars (especially modern cars).

Vehicle is not in Park: Like others, this can also make your key remain stuck in the car’s ignition. You may need to replace your car’s shift solenoid or another related mechanism even if the gearshift lever appears to be in park.

How to Fix a Stuck Key in the car’s Ignition

While it may be impossible to prevent your key from being stuck in the car’s ignition, it is relatively easy to fix the whole situation. First, you must understand that in most cases, the ignition key is not often at fault when such a problem arises. Before you start to turn and twist the key all you want, consider these three simple techniques. They include:

  1. Testing the Parking Position

It is common for your car to fail to lock into the parking position. If you are still able to move the gearshift lever after turning the car off, your linkage may be worn out or out of adjustment. You must always lock the shifter in park in order to remove the key.

  1. Checking the Position of your Key

Take a look at the car’s ignition switch to make sure the key is in the lock position. As wheel lock cylinders age and wear out, it gets simpler to turn the key beyond the lock position. This is particularly true if your key has been attached to various heavy objects that gradually promote excessive wear by adding pressure on the wheel lock cylinder.

  1. Moving the Steering Wheel Back and Forth

Try moving the steering wheel system back and forth, and at the same time gently remove the key from the lock position. The steering wheel can sometimes lock, thereby, making the car’s ignition switch to keep the key locked in place until it (steering wheel system) is unlocked. While doing this, be keen not to pull hard on the key and simply focus on getting the much-needed movement from the steering wheel system.

Although it is common to get your key stuck in the car’s ignition, it is relatively easy to fix the situation. In most cases, the ignition key is usually not at fault; thus, you should check for other aspects that are making your key be stuck in the car’s ignition. If you are unable to figure out what is really making your key remain stuck in the car’s ignition, contact your local locksmith for help. The locksmith will come to your office or home to help solve the problem.

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How To Open A Kwikset Key Lock In 10 Seconds

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016

How To Open A Kwikset Key Lock In 10 Seconds

Kwikset happens to be a US based company that is highly noted for offering a wide variety of security products to its customers. Some of their most popular of these products is the line of re-programmable SmartKey locks that this firm provides. These particular locks have been certified to be grade 1 security locks that are specifically designed for residential homes utilization. This certification has been executed by the builders hardware manufacturer’s association. As such, Kwikset markets them as been totally immune to any hacking or tampering by wires and screwdrivers. Or for that matter virtually any other object which may be inserted into the keyways of these locks in an effort to unlock them.

What is the major selling point of Kwikset SmartKey locks?

kwikset keyless1The main appeal of this variety of key locks completely lies in the re-programmable cylinders they come with. This feature presents the user with the handy capability of re-programming them to work any key that may be introduced in them after the re-programming has been executed. This naturally means that landlords aren’t necessitated to physically replace locks whenever their tenants move out and new ones move in. At the same time, it can also provides secure temporary access for construction workers or anybody else who might need to gain entry into a house for a limited length of time.

In essence, the SmartKey lock from Kwikset is a 5 pins lock, which comes with 6 depth increments. It can be reprogrammed by inserting the original key into it, prior to inserting a tool into a specified slot on its face. Doing this shifts its assembly back at a distance of around 1/8 of an inch. This process separates the pins and sliders of this lock, which holds them apart from each other. When a new key is introduced into the lock, it then registers its impressions and effectively resets the relationship of the pins and sliders to seamlessly correspond with the new key.

Is the Kwikset SmartKey lock invulnerable?

Like earlier mentioned, kwikset boldly asserts that the SmartKey lock is extremely secure and therefore totally impenetrable to any device which may be introduced in its keyway. This, however, is not completely true. The fact still remains that this product comes with several vulnerabilities, which skilled hackers have been able to identify. Most of which make the Kwikset SmartKey lock less secure than what its maker would like consumers to think.

Just how to open a Kwikset SmartKey lock in 10 seconds

Kwikset ElectronicYou may be probably very eager to discover just how you can easily unlock the Kwikset SmartKey lock in the given time span that the title of this paragraph states. Well, never fear. The following happens to be a step by step guide on just how to open a Kwikset key lock in 10 seconds which may come in very handy in executing such a task.

To begin with, you will be required to get your hand on a piece of thin, blank object that comes with a very sharp end. You will also need a paperclip or if for one reason or the other, this is not possible, a simple wire that has a looped end. A hammer will also be needed. With these three simplistic tools, you will be able to efficiently tackle any Kwikset SmartKey lock in just under ten seconds. It is critical for you to fully understand that these types of key locks have rotating tailpiece, which can move independently of the plug. This, in most circumstances, makes the function of a key almost superfluous.

First and foremost, get your hand on the blank object, and introduce it, with the sharp end first, into the keyway. Next, making use of the hammer, proceed to punch out the plug, which is found at the back of the plug. It is important to note that basically this plug is just a thin piece of metal, and hammering the blank, sharp object into the plug, pierces a hole into the lock’s tailpiece. After accomplishing this, introduce the paperclip or the thin wire with a looped end, into the tailpiece and proceed to turn it. Doing this will effortlessly enable you to effortlessly unlock the lock without any problem. Finally, it is important for to note that when all this accomplished, the SmartKey lock will not be in a position of been re-programmed again. Well, now you definitely know just how to open a Kwikset key lock in 10 seconds and in a completely stress-free manner.

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6 Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016

6 Tips To Keep Your Home Secure

Home security can get you paranoid especially after watching one of those chilling infomercials about rising crime rates and burglaries. A quick search about it on the web will have you staring at dozens of DIY tips to make the home more secure: But we do understand that you’re not an expert at these types of things, so you won’t be required to dig a moat around your perimeter wall or install missiles on your rooftops to blow the bad guys out Hell.

As a matter of fact, the guy who lives in a shanty and is overzealous about security suggests to the curious mind that he’s hiding something valuable inside. The following are proven, practical tips to help keep your house burglar-resistant, provided by our friends over at

#Tip 1: Appearances matter

The answer to the question how can I make my house more secure? People don’t realize it but the image your house presents to the public says a lot about the people living in there. What that means is don’t leave the front open when the sound system’s blaring and your Bentley is parked out-front. That might just give some people ideas. Here’s what you can do:

  • Secure the air conditioners if they are installed in-window.
  • Have a guy replace the doors in your house that have glass near the doorknob. (Have you seen that episode of This Old House where they install an elegant glass door in a torn down part of Boston? That’d be crazy simple, like smash and twist.)
  • A large dog door can easily fit a motivated thief: secure it soon if possible.
  • Also generally, try not to look like a dumb target.

#Tip 2: (At night) Exaggerate the lighting on your compound

  • home security lightsThe idea here is to make it threateningly difficult for an intruder to hide behind a shrub on your front door. While you’re on that remember to trim wild plantations around your house so they don’t cast all manner of shadows.
  • Shrubs should be kept low around windows and doors, and privacy fences should be neat too.
  • Be strategic about where you put valuable items so that you can keep an eye on things.

#Tip 3: Smash-proof the windows

  • There are a few good window break systems out there (The Mace 80202 for instance), and they cost peanuts. It’s a way enhance and diversify your current alarm system.

#Tip 4: Get a guard dog

  • Guard DogIf you can find a bulldog that gets annoyed easily and is particularly distrustful of strangers and barks a lot. Even a tiny, yappy Corgi can be more of a deterrent than you think.

#Tip 5: Turn stuff on, (remotely, randomly)

  • Even old gals who don’t know much about fancy security systems can get this done- just hire a contractor to install a system that you can access from your phone. You can get creative here and set the lights to go on or off at specific or random times during the night so your neighbors think you are a raging insomniac.

#Tip 6: Post a sticker on your front door from a respectable security company, or use two, or three generic stickers from different companies to confuse people.

  • If you can put a picture or other artifact in your compound that gives the impression of a very informed and paranoid home owner, it might dispel curious passersby. Remember most intruders only want to grab the first valuable item they can and promptly exit your compound. When you think along that line you will find a way to make it challenging for them.
  • Or, alternatively you can buy a $5 imitation of a laptop at the flea market and leave it in the entrance hall. You probably won’t notice the intruder coming in or walking out with it.
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When You Should Change Your Locks

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015

When You Should Change Your Locks

Many homeowners do not think about changing their locks until something bad happens that causes it to be an emergency. Many of these homeowners do not know the right time to change their locks and replace them with new ones. The following are some of the circumstances you should consider changing your locks, thanks to the locksmiths over at

When You Lose Your Keys

lost keys1This is perhaps the most crucial time to change your locks. When you can’t find the keys to your home for some time, change your locks without hesitation. In this situation, several things may have happened. First, a thief might have stolen the keys and later use them to break into your home. Or someone might have picked them and he/she may get the idea of stealing. It’s advisable to go ahead and change your locks even if you eventually find the keys because they might have been copied.

After A Divorce

Divorce can be a bitter process, and people tend to have bad feelings. In as much as you trust your partner, material property can be an area of contention. The first thing to do when the other person moves out is to change your locks because they can return and steal or vandalize your property. Do the same thing when your roommate or employee moves out.

You don’t want to come back from a week-long holiday to find that your ex-roommate held a rogue party in your room.

When Moving To A New Home Or Apartment

New homeWhen you move to a new home or apartment, you need to change the locks right away because you don’t know if the former occupant made copies of the old keys. They may return and burglarize your home. It may also be possible that they were careless and allowed copies of the old keys made for other people. Since you cannot be sure, it’s better to be safe than sorry and change all the locks.

If You Had A Break-in Or Attempted Break-in

If a burglar successfully breaks into your house, you need to change your locks immediately because the locks didn’t perform their purpose of keeping out burglars. Besides, the burglar obviously has the knowledge of how to manipulate your locks.

Do the same thing even if the break-in failed because the burglar might have damaged the locks in their attempt to gain access to your house. Change your locks, to prevent a second break-in attempt and improve the overall security of your home.

When Your Locks Are Worn

Although they are made of metal, they are prone to wear and tear. Worn out locks are a real home security weakness since they are easier to pick and break.

If Your Children Have Keys

Children are not as responsible as adults when it comes to taking care of home keys. They may lose their keys at some point and found them, or even lent them to a friend. As a result, it’s a good practice to change your locks on a regular basis.

When You Want Modern Locks For Greater Home Security

Locks may fail quite often and that is a good sign that you need to replace your locks with modern ones. Even if your locks have served you reliably for years, it’s a good idea to change them because the locksmith industry is ever changing and new security technologies are being developed. By changing your locks regularly, you get the latest and most secure technology to protect your home.

When You Ask Someone To Check On Your House

At times, you are forced to lend out your keys to other people whom you trust. It could be a neighbor, family relative or a cleaner. In as much as you may trust the person you gave your keys, you cannot know if someone unscrupulous had access to your keys. Once you return, and your keys given back to you, consider changing your locks.

Its also prudent to change your locks if you give out spare keys to service people and you don’t get them back.

Hire the services of a qualified locksmith to get the job quickly and effectively. Although it may come with a cost, it’s worth it as you can know your personal property is safe and secure.

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