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Types Of Kwikset Locks

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016

Types Of Kwikset Locks

Most locks focus on entry doors as that is the most important when it comes to security. Entry door locks typically come in two types. One type attached to the inside of the door and is easy to install. The other type of lock inserted into the gate itself and latches to the gate frame. Obviously, the latter type of locks is more secure. One easy to install lock is the Kwikset lock with ready attaches to the inside of the door and the bar slides into a slot that is also attached to the inside face of the frame. Another conventional lock style, especially in apartment buildings is the chain locks. Now chain locks have the added benefit of allowing the door to open, depending on the length of the string while still providing a level of security. However, they are not very secure as the line can be cut or busted open. The articles explain different types of Kwikset locks, thanks to the guys at


Kwikset is situated in the United States of America; with headquarter in California, and branches in New Zealand, Victoria, Australia and Auckland. There are different sorts of Kwikset locks. These incorporate electronic, small business, entryway levers, deadbolts, handle sets and entryway handles. Each of these sorts of Kwikset locks accompanies different magnificent brands. It is accordingly vital to consider picking Kwikset key locks relying upon your requirements for home security. Never forget that Kwikset is the main brand pioneer with regards to bolts generation. The items are high calibre, enduring and one doesn’t need to spend a considerable measure to gain them.


Kwikset KeypadThe electronic Kwikset locks are those who are worked by electronic keypads or touch screens and accompany reinforcement key ways. These sorts of locks are initiated and accomplished by entering in access codes that are customized. You just need to move a catch to bolt it. Continuously take note of that the Kwikset electronic locks are typically accessible in five completions, which incorporate glossy silk nickel, cleaned metal, cleaned chrome, Venetian bronze, and dandy. There are eleven brands under this kind of speediest key lock. Some of these incorporate 913 shrewd code deadbolt, power bolt and 912 keen code lever that have a home associate.


Another type of Kwikset locks is the handle sets. These are chiefly intended to be used in the passages of front entryway since they have good handles and secure deadbolts. Handle sets are typically accessible in eleven completions which incorporate glossy silk nickel, cleaned chrome, Venetian bronze, iron dark, natural pewter, rustic bronze, cleaned metal, and old fashioned metal.


There is additionally the Kwikset deadbolts, which are intended to guarantee that homes are shielded from robberies, soften up, unapproved passages and self-assertive trespasses. Kwikset deadbolts are accessible in different security evaluations and styles. It is important that these sorts of Kwikset locks are commonly available in a sum of twelve completes that incorporate; old fashioned metal, lifetime cleaned metal, glossy silk nickel, classic metal, polished chrome, silk chrome, Venetian bronze, rustic bronze, coxcomb, iron dark and natural pewter.


kwikset handlesetKwikset door levers are yet another degree of Kwikset locks. These locks have a lever shape and are most suitable for private homes. Door levers Kwikset locks are mainly intended to upgrade and supplement a home’s inside stylistic layout. Note that these sorts of Kwikset locks are likewise promptly accessible in eleven completions which incorporate the old fashioned metal, lifetime cleaned metal, glossy silk nickel, cleaned metal, silk chrome, old fashioned Nickel, Venetian Bronze, iron dark, rustic bronze, polished chrome, rural pewter and the natural bronze.


There is likewise the Kwikset door knobs, which are intended to be used in customary private homes, with a particular plan that mean to improve the inside stylistic layout of the home. Much the same as Kwikset door levers. Door knobs are accessible in an aggregate of eleven completions which incorporate; old fashioned metal; lifetime cleaned metal, glossy silk nickel, cleaned metal, silk chrome, old fashioned nickel, rustic bronze, polished chrome, Venetian bronze, iron dark, natural pewter and the rustic bronze.


It is significant that all Kwikset items accompany warranties which are aimed at ensuring customer retention with a perspective of building long haul steadfastness. Kwikset is a fabulous locks organization that additionally give re-key administrations to every one of its items. it is anything but difficult to introduce all the Kwikset mentioned above door locks, be that as it may, it is essential to consider getting the assistance of an expert to work it out for you and appreciate the upside of complete security to your properties.

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Types of File Cabinet Locks

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Types of File Cabinet Locks

File cabinets locks are installed in offices and residents where there are needs to protect valuable files and documents. There is two type of file cabinet locks, i.e. key-based cabinet lock and an advanced keyless technology that uses coded locking mechanism. Thanks to the guys at Cherry Hills Village Locksmith for all the useful information.


The key based file cabinet locks

There are basically two main types of key-based file cabinet locks;

  • Pin Tumblers Key lock
  • Tubular tumble

The most simple and popular key based file cabinet lock is the pin tumbler. The pin tumbler is a cylindrical lock that uses stacks of pins of varying lengths to prevent the locking mechanism from working without the correct key.


cabinet lockThe tubular tumble also known as the Ace lock, or radial lock features a variety is pins arranged in a circular pattern, and the corresponding key is cylindrical in shape. These keys are generally considered to be safer and more resilient to many people, but they can actually be drilled without effort and in very little time they can crack. There are some brands however who have advanced their Tubular tumble locks by hardening them and making them impossible to be broken.


Another type of lock is cam lock, and nearly all cabinet are supplied with basic cam lock. Thay hooks the cabinet into place on its interior side of its door. These locks are operated with tiny keys and constitute the simplest of the lock fastening.


The key based file cabinet locks are mostly used and preferred because they virtually add no cost to the overall price of the cabinet. The problem with them is the potential increased risk of security and liabilities, leading to extra costs and the annoyance that these locks lead to, which is why millions of people around the world are opting to go for the keyless cabinet locks.


The keyless cabinet Locks.

Keyless Cabinet LockThe keyless cabinet locks use access control mechanism and electronic locking mechanism which makes it beneficial to people who tend to lose keys. They come in various sizes types and with different levels of sophistications but all in all, they are able to provide better control and high security as compared to keylock file cabinet locks since they streamline the process for accessing the cabinet and serves well against thefts. An access control code is given to the user, and he or she access the cabinet via a computer.They can also be accessed using a radio transmitter and even be operated manually in case of emergency if the transmitter is lost.


Other types of keyless based file cabinet lock use a coded locking mechanism with two different password combination for two users. They come with a keypad monitoring the date as times when the file cabinet was accessed. You will also find some other keyless cabinet locks Powered by cameras all tailored to provide security for your files and documents.


When choosing the file cabinet locks to use it is important to go for the best that suits your desired level of security, the usability, your budget and of course from a reputable brand. The best and the only way to ensure you get the best is by involving a locksmith when installing your file cabinet locks.

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Introducing the Smart Kwikset Kevo Lock for Optimal Security

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Introducing the Smart Kwikset Kevo Lock for Optimal Security

With all the personal gadgets and household appliances, whether it is phones or watches or refrigerators, becoming ‘smart’, it was only a matter of time before the humble lock went the same route. With the smart Kwikset Kevo lock, you get a taste of the future of home security systems.

Incorporating Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the deadbolt lock requires nothing more than a mere tap to unlock itself. For people who do not have a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the lock also offers a key fob to tap your way inside the home. However, purists need not frown as Kwikset Kevo retains the mechanical charm of a physical key as well. Among other nifty features, the Kwikset Kevo allows you to generate eKeys that you can forward to your friends or family members online, and they can use it to enter your apartment.
On the other hand, the nifty features and space age design of the smart Kwikset Kevo lock do not come cheap. Compared to regular deadbolts, a Kwikset kevo would cost you 6-8 times more. Is the steep price worth the functionality and enhanced security? Or is it all too gimmicky? Let us find out.
North Glenn Locksmith

How does it work?

kwikset iphoneLet us face it. Locks are meant to be unobtrusive devices that do not draw attention to themselves. In that sense, Kwikset Kevo does a commendable job despite its obvious cutting edge design. While it is sleek and elegant, it looks no different that any other deadbolt. It’s space age truly announce themselves once you tap upon it, as its ring shaped LED light will glow to decide whether or not to unlock itself.
The color coded LED lights are a clever design feature of the Kwikset Kevo, ensuring optimal security. The light would turn green once the smart deadbolt detects your smartphone or the key fob with you, allowing you access. If the smart deadbolt decides you are not standing in close proximity, the LED light would flash a magenta colored ring, indicating you to move further close and tap again.
The importance of the magenta LED light should not be dismissed as a gimmicky feature. The deadbolt would never flash the magenta light in the event you are inside your apartment. Why’s that important? This is because if magenta light were to go off, then anyone outside your house could tap the deadbolt to know you were present inside. That would be a clear and glaring privacy and a security flaw. The Kwikset Kevo is mighty impressive in not only anticipating this problem but cleverly eliminating it.

Smart lock app

KEvo AppThe Kiwkset Kevo would not be half the smart lock it is without the app it comes with. It is through this app that you can generate eKeys to send over to your family and friends. There are several benefits of this eKey feature besides the fact that you do not have to be physically present to hand over the keys to someone. For example, the app allows you to see when someone entered and left your apartment.

In the case you are worried that you might have sent the eKey to someone you did not want entering your apartment, the app allows you to cancel it anytime you wish.

The app itself is fairly stylish and intuitive. All the icons and navigation is rather self explanatory and that makes it supremely handy to those among us who aren’t truly at ease with technology.

However, there are two sticking points with this lock. Firstly, the Kiwkset Kevo deadbolt is not internet enabled. Which means that you cannot use the app to lock or unlock the door for your friends or family. You have two options here, either be physically present or generate an eKey, which costs money. On the other hand, if your friends do not have a smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0, then even an eKey would not work.

Secondly, the Kwikset kevo only works with smartphones incorporating the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Since a vast majority of Android devices do have this technology, a lot of them simply cannot avail of a lot of the features this lock offers.

Maintenance and battery life

The Kevo lock is powered up by four AA batteries that typically last a year. Once the batteries start running low, the deadbolt would flash a red light to let you know. You will also get notification through your app.
Loss of your phone and its misuse by others is a clear security risk, and, thankfully, makers of Kevo lock have provided against this. You can simply log on to their website, and delete your details online. You can also do this task physically.

For people who are long used to deadbolts costing no more than $30-40, the price of the Kevo would appear excessive. However, as mentioned above, the unique selling point of Kevo lock lies in the genuinely helpful ways it conveniences its owner. There is no doubt that with a kevo lock, your life would be both more convenient, and more secure. That is something we cannot put a price on!

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Best Options For Exit Devices

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Best Options For Exit Devices

Exit devices are commonly installed on aluminum and hollow metal doors in commercial buildings, including schools, retail stores, hospitals and office buildings. Most people are familiar with both types of equipment – the crossbar rim device and the push pad rim device. The crossbar rim device has classic styling while the push pad rim device has a more modern appearance. Regardless of which style is preferred, there are some design factors to consider when purchasing exit devices.

Exit Device1Exit devices are essential bits of equipment on business entryways. Exit gadgets, otherwise called alarm bars or crash bars, are instruments utilized for opening entryways rapidly. Crash bars supplement or supplant standard entryway handles or handles/levers. They make a without hands exit from inside conceivable while permitting the way to remain bolted all things considered. They take into consideration speedy departure in crises (subsequently the name alarm bars.) When the main Von Duprin exit gadget appeared in the mid 1900’s, nobody could have anticipated the broad effect it would have on an industry for quite a long time to come.

Exit devices/crash bars are required on certain doors in commercial buildings. The building codes in most municipalities/states mandate which doors must have crash bars installed. They save precious seconds during an emergency, such as a fire, allowing crowds to escape quickly to safety.

While they mainly function as a security device, crash bars have other advantages. They are often easier for people in wheelchairs to reach and execute than handles. Children can also operate them easily.

The first consideration is security and safety. When choosing an exit device, make sure it conforms to ANSI Grade 1 specifications. Also, look for hardened steel latches, adjustable strikes, concealed mounting screws, and hex dogging. On push pad rim devices, look for designs without openings for chains so you can reduce the risk of code violations. Pushpa devices should also be designed to resist tampering or forced entry, even if the intruder has a coat hanger or other tool.

push bar2Next, choose exit devices that are easy to install, maintain and adjust. Crossbar rim devices are the simplest and easiest to work with. Most can be installed on stiles as narrow as 1 3/4 inches and are easily converted for left-hand or right-hand operation. Choose the latest push pad rim devices which have fewer parts and thus require less maintenance. This is especially important on a door in high-traffic locations.

The best exit devices come with a variety of options. Crossbar rim devices are popular since they are available in numerous painted and architectural finishes. This is a nice feature in upscale offices and retail establishments. Also, crossbar styles should be field adjustable to fit the width of any door. Pushpa devices don’t normally come in as many finishes as crossbars, but the best companies still offer variety in metal finishes. Push pads are typically available in 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch lengths and may include electrical options for added security. Some push pad rim devices are also designed for use on fire doors.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on the exterior options for exit devices. If the gate does not need to be opened from the outside, no trim is required. Otherwise, you can install a pull handle, pull handle and cylinder lock, or a cylinder lock only.

It’s always best to choose high-quality exit devices in order to avoid maintenance issues, especially in high-traffic areas. Good ones provide smooth, quiet operation. Look for products that carry the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label so you know they have been tested for functionality and reliability.

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Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

As technology continues to impact every aspect of our lives, security remains one of the most affected sectors. Biometric fingerprint lock is one of the most advanced forms of security that every company should invest in. Basically, this technology operates by using the thumb print to identify and verify an individual before one is allowed to access a building, office, home or locker. Think of this scenario, you have misplaced your office key while everyone is waiting for you to unlock the door. Other than time waste, confusion and the cost incurred in paying a locksmith to unlock and replace the door, there is the extra cost of missed opportunities in terms of customer calls and inquiries that go unanswered while trying to resolve such a mess. This is just one case that a biometric fingerprint lock can resolve. Thanks to the guys at for the useful information.


Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock


Key less door

biometric fingerprint lockHaving a key less door is one of the major advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock. Operating a key less door allows you to avoid inconveniences like losing your keys, locking your keys inside the house, or forgetting your office keys at home thus having to rush back. Apart from inconvenience, there is a major security threat when using keys due to override. Cases or robberies by people with lock picking abilities are on the rise as criminals keep getting smarter every day. However, with biometric fingerprint locks, your fingerprint is the only thing that can be recognized and authorized to gain access. The use of fingerprint, being the most unique part of human body, makes it impossible for such criminals to gain unauthorized access to your home, office or business.

Cost effective

Most people shy away from investing in a biometric fingerprint lock due to high initial cost. However, in the long run, this technology is cheap as compared to traditional locks. With a manual lock, you will incur numerous costs on repair the traditional lock every time it breaks down. However, this is not the case with biometric fingerprint lock. It is made from high quality durable material using the latest technology to not only makes it long lasting but also more efficient.

Possible to keep records

If you want to keep track of all the people who gain access to your office, home or business premise, then this technology is ideal for you. When an authorized person gains access by pressing a finger on the finger print scanner, all the details such time of entry and the fingerprint records are stored in the data base for retrieval or monitoring purposes. Further, the technology does not allow a fingerprint to be recreated thus eliminating privacy concerns and cases of fraud.


Simplicity is another major advantage of a biometric finger lock .This technology is user-friendly both to the users and the administrators. All that is required is to scan the fingerprints of the authorized personnel and store in the data base. The authorized persons are required topes on the lock before gaining access. Users don’t require any special skills to gain entry as long as their fingerprints match that in the data base.

Hence, if you are looking for a worthy investment in terms of security, then biometric fingerprint is the best choice.

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The Best Baldwin Locks in The Market

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015

The Best Baldwin Locks in The Market

When it comes to selecting items for the house, people often overlook the task of picking up a good door lock. What they don’t realize is the fact that door locks are extremely important in order to reduce the odds of burglaries. Door locks can provide excellent security for residential and commercial buildings alike. They keep the property and the possessions safe and protected. Thus, it makes sense to invest in good quality locks because they will go a long way in keeping your home or office safe. One of the best brands out there on the market that offers high quality locks would be Baldwin. Big thanks to the guys at Chandler Locksmith Pros for all the useful information.

Baldwin Locks

BaldwinBaldwin door locks rank amongst the best locks out there on the market. They are an excellent choice for use in homes as well as offices. Usually made from solid brass, these locks score high on the aesthetics factor. The best part about investing in these locks is that they are virtually impossible to pick or bump open if one does not have the right key. In fact, a lot of locksmiths have problem trying to unlock a Baldwin lock because it offers such a high level of security! Thus, it is extremely worthwhile to invest in the best Baldwin locks on the market.

When it comes to locks, Baldwin offers three major lines: Estate, Reserve and Prestige Series. The locks in the Estate line are custom-made, elegant and of very high quality. In case of the Reserve portfolio, the locks are accessible and easy on the eye. If you are looking for something extravagant then you should definitely consider the locks in Prestige Series. These are highly functional, stylish and luxurious looking, therefore they would complement designer homes really well!

One of the best things about shopping for locks from Baldwin is that there is a wide array of designs to choose from. Therefore, you are sure to be able to find something that would suit the style of your house or office. Baldwin locks come in different styles such as contemporary, traditional, rustic and couture. There is also a line of locks with Designer Finishes. This one comprises of nineteen meticulously crafted finishes. These locks do not just vary in colors, but in textures as well, therefore they add to the appearance of the door or room they are installed in.

The website also offers the option of customizing the locks to create your own signature look. This feature is meant for all those customers who are interested in having their own one-of-a-kind hardware. This online tool is something that you can dabble in for the purpose of designing your own unique door lock. Once you’re done designing, you can add the product to your wishlist and request for a quote from the company.

Baldwin single cylinderWhen it comes to the best Baldwin locks in the market, you can opt for different types of locks such as knobs, levers, deadbolts, rim locks, multipoint locks, sliding door locks, keyless entry locks and so on. Under each of these types you will find a large spread of designs. These come in different finishes like gold, black, stainless steel, brass and so on. These are forged from solid brass therefore they are highly durable. You can use these indoors, i.e. in rooms or outdoors.

If you are contemplating about purchasing Baldwin locks then the best place to browse would be the official website of Baldwin. Everything is laid out in a neat and organized manner, therefore you will not face any problem navigating the webpages. Unfortunately, the official website does not support online shopping but you will be able to get information of both online and offline stores that offer these. Thus, you can use the website for browsing the options and making your selections and then you can head over to online stores or brick-and-mortar ones in order to complete the purchase.

Baldwin also offers a large spread of commercial locks. These are flexible enough to be able to fit into any industry from retail to healthcare to office spaces to hospitality to education. Also, these are easy to order and install. In conclusion it can be said that the Baldwin locks are amongst some of the best locks out there in the market currently, therefore you definitely won’t regret your purchase decision when you go for these.

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