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Types Of Commercial Door Lock Options For Business Owners

Posted by on Dec 8, 2015

Types Of Commercial Door Lock Options For Business Owners

As a business owner you need to ensure high security measures are taken in order to secure your assets. Well, this will only be made easy if you use the right locks for your enterprise. Normally, commercial locks are by far different from residential locks, it is for this reason you need ideas on the right locks to suit your commercial needs. Therefore in here have been availed a variety of commercial door lock options for business owners.
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Types of commercial door lock options for business owners

  • Lever handled locks.

lever handle lockAlthough they do not provide maximum security against burglary theft, lever handled locks are still good options to company enterprises with the need to keep away unauthorized access from snoopy employees. Moreover, this type of locks will serve you best in situations whereby one needs to adhere to local business rules and regulations. They are most appropriate in interior door locks which do not necessarily need much protection against professional burglary theft.

  • IC cylinders

Also known as interchangeable core cylinders, these locks are usually appropriate in cases whereby you’ll need to upgrade security within your enterprises as well as be able to change the locks frequently whenever need be. For instance in a situation whereby an employee quits and takes the lock key with them. All you’ll need to do is to contact a mobile locksmith to do a little adjustment. This will involve switching the core without necessarily having to replace the whole lock; by so doing you are enhancing general security within the company with a lot of ease.

  • Deadbolts

Deadbolt lock2Though used at residential buildings, deadbolts are also good recommendations for business enterprise external lock. Reason being, they have been designed to prevent forceful entry into buildings making it even a better option for external security. The traditional deadbolt may not offer the required security level but that is the reason most business people prefer the latest versions which come with features like steel door frames and deadbolts made of strong steel alloy to prevent breaking in.

  • Keyless door locks and entry system

As technology advances companies advance technologically too. That’s why most business enterprises today will opt for keyless lock system. These lock systems are ideal in ensuring top security. These keyless lock systems will require the installation of a keyless door; therefore you need to consult a locksmith on the keyless system available. The keyless system can use; card access system, entry codes or biometrics to permit entry.

  • Padlocks

Padlocks are temporary locks which are not fixed onto something else unlike most locks. They can be used for temporary security measures meaning one can use and reuse them wherever they want. Padlocks come in a variety of different sizes and shapes which are operated with combinations or keys or even both. Most importantly padlocks will provide you with the ultimate security you need for that particular time.

  • Electronic locks

These types of locks are usually automatically or remotely controlled. They come in mortise or cylindrical styles, can be used as fail secure locks or as fail safe locks. Appropriate to be used in offices, stairwells and hallways or any other place in business that will needs safety code compliances.

  • Cam locks

cam lock2These locks are often required in small areas in business that needs to be secured. These can be mailboxes and filling cabinets. They provide a wide variety of options for lengths and locking mechanisms, so business owners can adjust their locks for specific purposes.

There are more of commercial locks one can go for ranging from the standard locks to those sophisticated locks that will enable you restrict your business access to employees only as well as be able to lock out unauthorized individuals. But understanding your line of business and the kind of protection your business deserves is an open clue to deciding on the type of lock to install.


Ideally, business security is the owners’ key concern, and therefore choosing the right commercial lock for your business will ensure you meet all your security demands, both in and out. Therefore in order to ensure you meet those needs you need to consult with a locksmith if you are not sure on which type of commercial lock will work best for your enterprise.