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Types of File Cabinet Locks

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Types of File Cabinet Locks

File cabinets locks are installed in offices and residents where there are needs to protect valuable files and documents. There is two type of file cabinet locks, i.e. key-based cabinet lock and an advanced keyless technology that uses coded locking mechanism. Thanks to the guys at Cherry Hills Village Locksmith for all the useful information.


The key based file cabinet locks

There are basically two main types of key-based file cabinet locks;

  • Pin Tumblers Key lock
  • Tubular tumble

The most simple and popular key based file cabinet lock is the pin tumbler. The pin tumbler is a cylindrical lock that uses stacks of pins of varying lengths to prevent the locking mechanism from working without the correct key.


cabinet lockThe tubular tumble also known as the Ace lock, or radial lock features a variety is pins arranged in a circular pattern, and the corresponding key is cylindrical in shape. These keys are generally considered to be safer and more resilient to many people, but they can actually be drilled without effort and in very little time they can crack. There are some brands however who have advanced their Tubular tumble locks by hardening them and making them impossible to be broken.


Another type of lock is cam lock, and nearly all cabinet are supplied with basic cam lock. Thay hooks the cabinet into place on its interior side of its door. These locks are operated with tiny keys and constitute the simplest of the lock fastening.


The key based file cabinet locks are mostly used and preferred because they virtually add no cost to the overall price of the cabinet. The problem with them is the potential increased risk of security and liabilities, leading to extra costs and the annoyance that these locks lead to, which is why millions of people around the world are opting to go for the keyless cabinet locks.


The keyless cabinet Locks.

Keyless Cabinet LockThe keyless cabinet locks use access control mechanism and electronic locking mechanism which makes it beneficial to people who tend to lose keys. They come in various sizes types and with different levels of sophistications but all in all, they are able to provide better control and high security as compared to keylock file cabinet locks since they streamline the process for accessing the cabinet and serves well against thefts. An access control code is given to the user, and he or she access the cabinet via a computer.They can also be accessed using a radio transmitter and even be operated manually in case of emergency if the transmitter is lost.


Other types of keyless based file cabinet lock use a coded locking mechanism with two different password combination for two users. They come with a keypad monitoring the date as times when the file cabinet was accessed. You will also find some other keyless cabinet locks Powered by cameras all tailored to provide security for your files and documents.


When choosing the file cabinet locks to use it is important to go for the best that suits your desired level of security, the usability, your budget and of course from a reputable brand. The best and the only way to ensure you get the best is by involving a locksmith when installing your file cabinet locks.

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Benefits of Keyless Door Locks For Your Home

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016

Benefits of Keyless Door Locks For Your Home

Keyless entry locks are exceptionally helpful, and they have turned out to be extremely natural. With a keyless section door lock, you won’t need to stress over losing your keys ever. Some accompany programmed highlights which make it feasible for you to secure the way to overlook naturally to do as such on out. You can now access your home or premises effortlessly. How then do you pick the right entryway lock?
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Keyless entry is likewise rapidly getting to be a standout amongst the most loved approaches to add security to homes and workplaces. Since there is no compelling reason to make individual keys for relatives or representatives, these frameworks are effective and give less chance to interlopers to attack a home or office.

Quick mechanical progression keeps on achieving complex developments based on streamlining our lives. We depend on convenience like never before, and therefore, anticipate that items we purchase will make our lives progressively advantageous. Today we can barely review our ways of life before the approach of extravagances such as PDAs, fast web, and vehicle keyless entry. With the interest for accommodation rising and keyless door locks turning out to be progressively reasonable, a developing number of individuals are moving up to keyless door locks to secure and streamline their homes and organizations.

A keyless entry lock is one that can be controlled utilizing a mix, an entrance code or unique mark acknowledgment, killing the requirement for a key. Keyless entry locks permit every individual who lives at a living arrangement to enter the home without a key, and gives representatives simple access to assigned zones of their working environment. Lost, stolen or overlooked keys are issues of the past. For the vast majority, the comfort of not toiling with a key is sufficient, however various different advantages are connected with using a keyless door lock.

kwikset iphoneUtilizing a keyless entry framework is particularly gainful when an agreement specialist or house sitter needs transitory access to your home. It is a bit much for contract laborers to have a perpetual key to your home, particularly since key duplication is easy. Moreover, the basic routine of concealing a key outside makes your home defenseless against robbers who know the schedule. Unique mark acknowledgment frameworks permit permission just to the individuals who have pre-customized access, and numerous even permit you to concede access for a predetermined period. For example, a servant or temporary worker can be given consent ahead of time to enter on a specific date inside of a planned time span. Also, since fingerprints can’t be copied, unique mark acknowledgment frameworks have an enormous confirmation advantage over conventional entryway bolts and even keypad locks. Thus, get to codes to keypad locks can be imparted to transitory specialists and afterward effectively changed when access is no more fundamental.

A keyless door lock is likewise beneficial in situations where locks would some way or another should be changed. Individuals experience the need to alter the secures their homes and organizations for a few reasons, for example, losing keys, burglary, or to anticipate section by a previous representative. Changing access codes or unique mark consents is a great deal more practical and financially savvy than the procedure of changing the greater part of the entered secures a working without a moment’s delay.

Keyless entry frameworks are no more held for the world class few. Alongside more moderateness, the security, and comfort that keyless door locks give are changing them into a standard buyer ware.

keyless entry5Envision the amount of time keyless door locks for the home can spare you. On the off chance that it takes you a normal of 10 seconds to get your keys out, and open and open you entryway, that means a considerable measure of time. On the off chance that you enter your home three times each day, that is 30 seconds. Duplicate that by 365, and that is around three hours. Increase those three hours by 20 years, and you have a couple of days there. Yes, you have spent a couple of days of your life simply opening your way to get in you claim home.

With keyless door locks for home, you can chop that measure of time down extensively. All things considered, all that’s needed is a few seconds to open with a keypad. That is a small amount of the time it brings to open with keys. More than 20 years, that will mean not exactly a day. More opportunity to accomplish more things throughout your life.

Presently, we were simply looking at opening. Locking the entryway will include significantly additional time. In any case, numerous keyless door locks for the home have an auto-locking highlight. Goodness, simply closing your entryway and it locks itself. Much additional time investment funds.

While most keyless door locks for a home have metal keys for back-ups, there are some accessible that utilization different types of keys. The Sunnect AP501 and Samsung SHS-3120 use computerized keys, which just oblige you to hold the key almost a sensor to open. Furthermore, that is far and away superior then putting a key in an opening and attempting to motivate it to turn. Which, regularly with customary locks, gets harder after some time as they destroy.

Keyless entry locks for a house are exceptionally helpful as well as spare you much time. They make getting into your home less demanding, and notwithstanding bolting you entryway more agreeable. While some of them have old keys, you can likewise get some with simple to utilize, computerized keys. So why to continue squandering that valuable time, move up to a keyless door bolt today and begin getting a charge out of all that time you spare!

A Keyless entry lock can be a gigantic comfort for you and upgrades the security of your space. There are such a large number of choices in the business sector today for the locks and with the right contemplation, you will have a less demanding time picking the best.

In view of a practice that thieves use called “lock knocking,” and different measures criminals take to pick locks, keyless entry door locks are turning out to be progressively well known in office spaces and private structures. To keep criminals from breaking into your home,you ought to consider option measures to your conventional door lock.

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The Best Arrow Locks

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

The Best Arrow Locks

When you’re looking for a one stop resource for security hardware, the quest for value and quality will lead you to Arrow. The company offers you an unparalleled lineup of cylinders, locks, exit devices and much more. In fact, Arrow can meet all your needs with its intelligently designed products that can meet the most exacting of standards.

Arrow manufactures locks for security professionals who earn their living recommending, installing and servicing locks. They know that only one brand offers them widest range of locking hardware, door controls and key systems.

The outstanding hardware value offered by Arrow gives Security Professionals the opportunity to provide a high quality solutions at an affordable price. Let’s have a close look at the best Arrow locks, thanks to our friends at

Keyless Entry Systems

These hi-tech locks utilize voice-guided programming and latest touch screen technology. Their visual screen indicators alert you when access is denied or granted. You also get an indication when deadbolt door lock batteries are getting low. They are equipped with a motorized tapered bolt that locks and unlocks when a precise code is entered. You also get a warning beep when deadbolt isn’t fully extended into your door jamb.

The new Arrow Revolution Deadbolt has an anti-pick shied that protects against lock tampering. An intelligent lock feature automatically relocks the door if it’s left unlocked. There’s an inbuilt alarm that sounds whenever there’s a movement or vibration of the door. There is a multi-lingual voice prompting and it uses standard AA batteries.

Cylindrical Levers

You can choose from a full line of grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical levers at variety of price points and for various applications.

Tubular Locks

These locks offer a wide selection of both levers and knobs for a price point applications.

Cylindrical Knobs

You can choose from a range of grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical knobs that are perfect fit for variety of price points and applications.

Interchangeable Core

The Arrow SFIC offers quality US made product at an affordable price.

Key System

Arrow offers you a full line of key systems from mortise cylinders to cylindrical to rim. In addition, now arrow has introduced a new cam loc to expand this particular line.

Mortise Locks

The BM and AM Series mortise locks come with expansive range of options and trims available for variety of end user applications.


The huge deadbolt series from Arrow continues to grow with additional functions and features to the Grade 1, Grade 2, D and E series product line.

Let’s have a close look at few of them:

* Arrow D Series Deadbolt Locks

Arrow D SeriesThese are Grade 1 certified locks that are engineered to perform under most extreme conditions where security is critical. They easily surpass the demands of institutional, industrial and commercial applications. They come in two piece housing with free-spinning outer ring that prevents wrenching. Their mounting screws are concealed and its locking bolt has one inch throw.

* Arrow E Series Deadbolt Locks

Arrow E SeriesThese are Grade 2 certified locks that have a rotating collar and are completely tamper resistant, and come with concealed screws and steel pin insert and deadbolt. They come with one inch deadbolt locking latch for added security. They are available with standard lock cylinders and can be easily prepped with SFIC lock cylinder.

* Medeco Series 14 Deadbolt Lock

It is a Grade 2 commercial deadbolt that offers outstanding combination of performance, cylinder options and value. It has a one-inch throw steel blt with form steel pins that can resist attacks. Its patented keyway is fully secure when using M3 keys. You can get them in variety of finishes.

* Master Lock Heavy Duty Deadbolt Lock

It is a certified Grade 2 lock available in brushed chrome finish. It comes with anti-pry collar that can resist all prying attacks and comes with a full one inch throw locking bolt. It also has a master lock (BumpStop) locking cylinder.

* Medeco Maxum Deadbolt Lock

It is a grade 1 certified lock that is made of solid brass with a free turning collar that can resist wrenching attacks. Its’ one inch steel locking bolt is really powerful and comes with a wide thumb-turn for physically challenged. It is packaged with two inch screws that attack the strike directly to building structure.

* Occupancy Indicator Deadbolt

It is available in special “E” series frame that is grade 2 certified. It offers privacy by displaying in a large window right on the front of the lock, “vacant” when open and “In-use” when locked. An emergency override key is also available. Best for use in restrooms.

* Master Lock Residential Deadbolt

It’s a grade 3 single cylinder deadbolt that is available in three different finishes, antique brass, polished brass and satin nickel. Has fully adjustable latch that allows this lock to fit doors with thickness from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″. It is best suited for external applications.

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Control Home Locks With Your Smart Phone

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015

Control Home Locks With Your Smart Phone

I am not a handyman, and I am definitely not a locksmith. However, being a first time home owner, and one who is looking forward to making extensive use of smart home gear I have to admit that I have always been fascinated by the endless possibilities of being able to control home locks using smart phones.
At the moment there are several types of smart door locks designed with inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity which according to me has completely redefined home security of course apart from the fact that they have completely eliminated the need to use keys anymore.
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Why you should control your home locks using your smart phone

smart lock3a. Security: the connectivity that exists between the home locks and the smart phone system is not only intelligent, it is equally very secure hence serves as a guarantee for the most protected access of your home from your smart phone’s operating system (iOS or android system).
b. Total Control: controlling your home locks using your smart phone is a guarantee for absolute control over who can gain entry into your home including managing how long they get to stay there.

Did you lock your doors this morning?

Making the switch and embracing the use of smart locks will save you the trouble of always having to worry about the security of your home (specifically if you locked the door properly or not). This will be possible since after you have smart locks installed in your house, you will have remote control of the locks hence able to check on the status of your home locks (whether open or locked) as a result being able to lock or unlock key entry points into your home at will.

Discover the Possibilities

smart lock4Smart locks home connect technology is designed to allow you control home locks with your smart phone by allowing wireless communication with the locks installed in your home. Imagine being able to lock your door from your smart phone, or being able to get a text confirmation every time your loved one arrives home. These are just some of the possibilities which smart home technology can make happen.
Below is an overview of some of the possibilities which can easily be realized once you choose to control home locks with your smart phone. They include the fact that;

a. You will always received notifications whenever anyone enters your homeApart from simply being able to closely monitor who exactly goes into and out of your home, you will also receive periodic notifications whenever your loved ones arrive home.
b. You will have Control on how long individuals have access to your homeAre you away and a contractor is scheduled to stop by and make a couple of urgent repairs? Well, don’t sweat it; if you already installed smart locks in your home then there is absolutely no reason to worry. All you simply need to do is simply to find out exactly when the contractor, housekeeper or any other person is coming to your house and then assign a specific code and then come up with a schedule which only allows for entry into the house during the pre set times. For instance between 9am and 11am.
c. You will be best prepared for life’s unplanned momentsLife is generally very unpredictable; you may be at work, on the road or away on vacation and then you get news that something is wrong at home. With smart locks, you won’t have to worry much in such a situation since you will be able to provide temporary remote access to those who need it without stressing much
As a result of the technological advancements in home security and technology, you can now use your smart phone as a smart key. This means you can easily choose to lock or unlock you doors in your home remotely, create virtual keys for a few selected guests and most importantly control who has access to your home all from your smart phone.

From the above, the possibilities of having to control home locks with your smart phone are very clear, besides simply being able to automatically lock and unlock your home, you will be the key master and most important have control over who comes and goes remotely

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