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5 Reasons To Have Your Locks Re-keyed Immediately

Posted by on May 19, 2016

5 Reasons To Have Your Locks Re-keyed Immediately

The technique of changing a lock so that it can use different keys is referred to as a house re-key. It is considered different than just changing a lock because changing a lock means that the whole lock and its hardware is swapped. However, in re-keying, the only thing that is changed is the lock mechanism, and new keys are made. Usually, re-keying a lock is much more cost effective than replacing the whole lock. Moreover, if both the lock and hardware are still in a good state then there is no need whatsoever to replace them. The main reason why you should ever desire to re-key your house is to upgrade the security there.

Definitely, there is nothing as meaningful as taking care of your home and possessions from harm and trespassers. The traditional lock and key setup enable you to protect and maintain the safety of your family and assets. Regrettably, the keys used in this conventional setup can be obtained by unwanted intruders and it can be a hard task to identify the parties that uses them and the time that they are correctly used. Basically, keys are easily duplicated, and this creates a practically unnoticeable security threat. This is why re-keying all your locks is the most effective and beneficial way to protect your family and belongings.

Why is it Necessary to Re-key Your Locks?

Relocating to a New Residence

When moving to a new home, office or apartment, it is highly advisable to re-key the house mainly for security reasons. The previous occupants or the tenants may have made key duplicates which gives them easy access to your personal space. Furthermore, even if the prior residents of the house had returned the keys, it is still hardly possible to know for a fact if they gave a copy of the key. This exposes your family and assets to potential risks by intruders.

Misplaced/Lost Keys

Lost car keyyIn case you have ever lost or misplaced your keys, re-keying is recommended for you. It is particularly important if you have lost your bag or purse that had not only the keys but also your personal information such as your home address details. The security of your loved ones and your belongings could be at risk if the keys fall into the hands of a dubious character.

Past Relationships

DivorceThis includes ex-spouses, fiancées’ and lovers. Another reason why you should have your keys re-keyed is a fall out between someone you were romantically involved with. It does not matter if your ex returned the key, they could have made duplicates. It is very common for revengeful ex’s to break into their spouses’ house. As soon as the breakup takes place, your first priority should be to re-key your locks. It is much cheaper to seek the services of a locksmith to re-key your locks than having to handle all the expenses that come with replacing all your stolen items by a spiteful ex. The charges for re-configuring a lock are pretty reasonable. At least you are guaranteed of protection because locksmith companies are insured and bonded.

Hateful and Bitter Employees

This applies to someone who has recently fired an employee that had access to the office keys. It is very necessary to have the office/building keys re-keyed. It is usual for a hostile employee to use the keys to break into the company and access confidential informational that could lead to big losses and damages, all simply out of revenge for being fired.

Personal Services (e.g. cleaning services)

It is common to forget to ask for your keys back from a home service company once you are done seeking their services. If you have ever used the services of a cleaning company, babysitter, etc. it is essential to have your house re-keyed. Even if it is a trustworthy company, you should not take any risk when it comes to your safety.


In case you do not feel comfortable with your buildings conventional lock system, you have only two options: Replace your locks or re-key them. Replacing the entire key system is only recommended when you feel that the current locks are not trustworthy and you need to upgrade to more secure and convenient locks.

On the other hand, if you happen to be satisfied with the lock system in your home but wish to take extra precautions, then you ought to reconsider re-keying the locks. Once the lock system has been re-keyed, the new key will be able to work on all lock and the old key will become void.

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Can All Locks Be Rekeyed?

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

Can All Locks Be Rekeyed?

There are many different scenarios in which you might need to change your locks. Whether you’ve moved into a new office or home and are concerned about your security (it’s very easy to duplicate keys nowadays) or you’re dealing with a broken lock or you’ve lost your keys, you generally have two options: replacing the lock or rekeying. In some cases, full replacement is unavoidable, but still rekeying is a better option. Not only this process less time, but can be done at a fraction of cost. Let’s have a close look at the rekeying process.

Can all Locks Be Rekeyed?

Yes, it’s possible to rekey most of the key based locks.rekey

How Does Lock Rekeying Work?

It’s a fairly straightforward process in which a locksmith replaces the lock pins located within the lock’s cylinders and altering the tumbler (wafer) configuration so that only the newly cut keys can open the lock. The next rekeying step is cutting those new keys (you can order as many copies as you want). Once your lock has been rekeyed, you won’t be able to use your old keys.

It’s Possible to Setup a Master Key System

A locksmith can rekey most of your locks to work with just one key or you can even opt for a master key system so that certain keys work only on specific door locks while a master key can open all your locks. This is very useful for commercial establishments that want to provide some keys to their employees but still want to limit their access to some areas.

What Needs Rekeyed?

Usually, it’s best to rekey all your locks, but in some cases, when the location has been masterkeyed, just few need to be done. If you want to rekey all your locks, you can assess how many of them need rekeyed by counting the number of places where a key can be inserted in a lock, which is a cylinder.

Most double cylinder deadbolts, common in the US, have a cylinder inside and outside the door. They’re common on doors next to glass windows. If someone were to break your window, they still won’t be able to open the door without a key.

Can It Be Keyed to One Key?

If locks in your house currently work on a single key, there won’t be much problem in rekeying and making them all work on just one key. If you’re using more than one key for operating different locks, it may be necessary to replace some of the locks in order to make entire house or commercial establishment work on a single key. All this depends on the locks you have in your house and the type of keyways they have.

Price to Rekey

saving moneyThis depends on few factors. First, and most important one is the type of locks that are to be rekeyed. Most standards locks used in houses may need a minimum key recharge, but there are exceptions to some types of locks. Some commercial buildings have exit devices, restricted keyways, high security locks and other devices for which you may have to pay more. In most cases, it’s just few dollars more per lock for these devices. It’s possible to rekey most of these locks and is the most economical way to restrict access to any location that may have keys in the wrong hand.

Benefits to Rekeying

The rekeying process is much faster than lock replacement. Usually a locksmith can rekey a lock in about half the time it takes to replace the entire lock. This can be very important if you’re talking about large number of locks in business, where time may be of essence.

Cost Benefits

Another benefit of rekeying a lock of complete lock replacement is lower cost. In many cases, rekeying can save you considerable money, especially when you have multiple locks.


If you want to get rid of multiple keys on your key ring, or are tired of guessing which key fits what lock, rekeying locks in your house or business is a great option. This way, all your locks will be able to work on one single key.

Improved Security

Rekeying locks can also minimize security risk to your business or home. Since you can now control the distribution of keys to your newly rekeyed locks, you will know exactly who all have access. Rekeying is the best way to establish security in your new office or house when its unclear whether the former occupant has keys that still fit the previously keyed lock.

No matter what your reason for changing your locks, rekeying in most cases is be a better solution. This will ensure that you have the convenience and security you need at an affordable price. Give your local Locksmith a call today to set up an appointment.

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