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Types Of Mailbox Locks

Posted by on Dec 18, 2015

Types Of Mailbox Locks

A mailbox might be a simple part of your house, but it holds your mail and it’s very important to protect its contents against theft. So how can this be achieved? By ensuring that high quality lock is in place to keep all your information intact and safe. This can eliminate all worries of someone getting hold of your mail, along with endless possibilities of damages and inconveniences that can occur.

There is already an alarming increase in the incidents of mail and identity theft, and looking into various types of mailbox locks available today or may be an entirely new mailbox with a new locking mechanism might be essential. To be able to choose the best one that will serve its purpose, meet all your needs and will give you complete peace of mind, you need to consider number of things. Thanks to the guys over at Beverly Hills Locksmith for providing us with this information:

Type of Mailbox

Types of MailboxesWell, there are basically two types of mailbox, a curbside locking mailbox, as the name implies, is typically placed on the post near the curb of your house. The opening where the mail is dropped is not locked. Instead the cavity where the mail drops is kept secure with the help of good mailbox lock. The wall-mounted secured mailbox is designed to attach your gate, house, or garage. It is best for neighborhood where postal carrier would simply drop mail into the box.

Type of Mail

You would know best the type of mail which you normally receive. The locking curbside mailbox is best for larger mail such as packages, envelopes and magazines. Otherwise, you can opt for wall-mounted mailbox if you get smaller type of mail. The quantity which you normally get is also a big factor in choosing a mailbox because it should be able to hold your mail while you’re away. Some will easily hold week or two worth of mail while others can last little longer and will take several months before their contents reach the brim. Most important, a good and ideal sized mailbox can easily maintain high levels of security at all times.

Types of Mailbox Locks

Mailbox lockIn line with numerous styles, designs, materials, sizes, and types of mailbox, it’s lock is the most beneficial and prominent feature. There are different types of mailbox locks available that are suitable for mailbox, and its best to seek advice of experts in this field. Most of them recommend the five-cam lock that features removable cams and five-pin tumbler. It’s not only reasonably priced, but also have added points for easy-clip on style and dust cover for easy mounting on exteriors. Wafer locks and pin tumblers come with various key possibilities and cams to fit in a mailbox. The reality is, all of them look very similar until you’ve installed one personally on your mailbox and use it. Therefore, if you suspect you have a faulty lock and need a new one, keeping old one is a good idea and factoring it if it turns counterclockwise or clockwise will be very helpful in finding a new one.

Regardless of the type, it’s important that mailbox lock you choose has excellent quality because a flimsy lock won’t be helpful as it will be vulnerable to theft. Even if you have a good one in place, it must always work in top condition. So watch out for any malfunction in your older lock. If you find this stamp on the face of any mailbox: USPS-L-1172C, it indicates that it’s a new style of mailbox lock and is also built upon a differently sized hole.

It may be hard to find a replacement lock for this, but they are made of the highest standards. Hence, it is imperative that you know of professional mailbox lock services who would know exactly what to do. They’re familiar with different types of mailbox locks and can suggest one that perfectly matches and fits your current mailbox. Whether you need emergency service to open your mailbox lock, or it’s not functioning properly and needs repairs or replacement, you can surely rely on their experience and expertise of working with different types of mailbox locks. They have necessary equipment and tools and can finish the job within a short time in a most efficient manner. They also guarantee quality of their work and will make sure an effective mailbox lock is in place.

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