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15 Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

15 Ways To Safeguard A Commercial Property

As a commercial property owner, it is of utmost importance to protect your commercial property from intruders and other disasters. In fact, this should be your first priority. Vandalism can really soil the image of your business and you do not want that to happen. Disaster strikes when least expected and there is property that is prone to destruction. Therefore, you must take the necessary precautions to lower risks and protect your property. Having said that, the following are the top 15 ways to effectively safeguard your commercial property.

Ensure there is proper lighting

Lighting serves a vital purpose of providing maximum visibility especially at night. To prevent vandalism, all lighting fixtures should have vandal-proof covers. The perimeter wall should be properly lit so as to scare off robbers. All entry points such as doors, windows should be well lit as well.

Install solid doors

All doors in your commercial property should be solidly constructed and lined with heavy metal crossbars.

Install secure windows

Windows offer better security when fitted with secure locks and burglar-resistant glass. For improved security, install polyester security films with break sensor alarms. The rear windows are more vulnerable hence should be fitted with heavy metal grates.

Install alarm systems

Installing alarm systems in your commercial property helps to deter burglar activities. For guaranteed safety, it’s good to ensure the process is done by a licensed alarm company. The alarm company must have a central monitoring station. Besides, it should be checked regularly to ensure it functions optimally.

Care for the cash register

The cash register should be kept at a point where it’s not easily seen from outside the building. Ensure its open whenever it’s empty or not being used for easy monitoring.

Strong safes

home safeTo offer better protection, the safe must be burglar -resistant and fireproof. While it should be visible, it’s good to ensure it’s securely anchored. Keep the safe open when it’s empty and lock in all valuables at the end of the day. For the sake of your security , change the safe’s combination whenever you sack or release employees who have details regarding the safe.

Inspect the building’s exterior

Inspect your building’s exterior regularly to ensure all the openings are secured. Maintain proper landscaping to achieve better visibility. It’s also a good security measure to remove things like vehicle equipment , boxes , cans and trash bins away from the building to avoid burglars accessing the rooftop.

Perimeter fences

An ideal perimeter fence should be erected at heights which an intruder cannot be able to access your property. For a fence to serve its purpose, it should be vertically erected with 0.3 vinyl coated vertical iron bars.

Key controls

All commercial property keys should be handled responsibly. Ensure all the keys are coded and locked somewhere safely when they are not being used.

Install surveillance cameras in your commercial property

Security CamerasWhile they might cost you a significant amount of money, surveillance cameras play an important role of deterring burglars. Moreover, with these cameras installed in your commercial premises, it is possible to get the burglars after a break-in.

Use of Anti-climb fences

If your commercial property is of substantial size, consider putting an anti-limb fence or a wall around the perimeter.

Using Key-card access systems

The security of your commercial property should be taken seriously at all times. When security is at its topmost, your customers and employees will feel safe hence giving you more business. Introducing key-card access systems on exterior doors will ensure than unauthorized people do not access the premises.

Taking an Insurance cover

Taking an insurance cover can help you protect your property from unpredictable disasters such as fire breaks and burglary. Do enough research to find the reliable insurance company to offer you protection?

Conduct risk assessment

Do thorough investigations in order to evaluate the areas that require attention. It might happen that your commercial property is located in a crime-prone area or your fence needs repair and overlooking such things puts you in a risky situation.

Various disasters including fires, floods, break-ins and many more are a major concern for commercial property owners. There are many ways you can protect commercial properties. Meanwhile, criminals are becoming even smarter so it’s imperative to keep yourself updated with newer methods of protecting your commercial property.

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Which Locks Provide The Highest Home Security?

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Which Locks Provide The Highest Home Security?

For many homeowners, the level of security is often a priority selecting door locks. This is because selecting the right locks provides the best defense for their homes to prevent break-ins. The good news is that today’s locks are specially designed to offer much greater protection. However, because of the numerous brands and models available, it can be hard to determine which locks can provide the highest home security.


So, which locks provide the highest home security? Below are some of the highest grade security locks that will make you feel totally secure in your home.


Deadbolt Locks


deadboltssssDeadbolt locks are highly recommended for use in residential doors as they provide the highest security level. These locks don’t contain springs, which explains the term “dead.”


There are two types of deadbolt locks: single-cylinder deadbolt and double-cylinder deadbolt. The single-cylinder deadbolt lock is usually operated by use of a key from the inside, and with a turn-button on the inside. The double-cylinder deadbolt lock is usually operated from the inside and the outside with a key. Most homeowners prefer double-cylinder deadbolt locks because burglars cannot break the glass to reach in and unlock the door. It offers double security. Be sure to purchase top brand deadbolt locks if you want the highest level of security in your home.


Keyless Locks


Keyless Lock 1Many residential homes have keyless locks installed to provide highest security level and convenience. The lock has a special feature known as anti theft rolling code that ensures that a single code is not used twice. The advantage with this type of lock is that it’s compatible with garage door openers and home security systems.


You might also want to consider selecting this top security lock for your home.


Entry Locksets or Handlesets


Entry locksets/handlesets are usually combined with deadbolt locks for enhanced security. They feature two door knobs that are locked both from inside and the outside. One of the doorknobs is locked from inside by either depressing or turning a small button while the other doorknob must be unlocked with a key.


Mortise Locks


It’s common to find Mortise locks on many residential doors due to their advanced security level and convenience.


The lock features a flat and rectangular box that fits perfectly into the door’s recess from the edge and includes keyholes and two faceplates consisting of knobs. The deadbolt lock is operated by turning the inside knob while the latch is operated from both sides


New Lock Technologies


kwikset kevoSome of the most advanced technologies in home security are the new smart locks featuring Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts, cameras, and finger scanners. Others support mobile apps that send you lock activities notifications on your Smartphone and also enable you to effectively manage the locks.


These locks are technically engineered to provide maximum security and for convenience.


Remember that locksets offer first line defense against intrusion and thus selecting the best is crucial. Be sure to purchase from reputable brands as you are guaranteed of having your home well secured. Also, choose a reputable locksmith for installation as the level of security is also increased when the locks are professionally installed.

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Some Great Solutions For Home Security

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Some Great Solutions For Home Security

We all dream of owning a home that reflects the way we would like to live. However, owning a home is one thing, and keeping it safe is another. You may spend a lot of time and money building your dream home and acquiring wealth, only for burglars to steal all you have gathered for a long time within a few minutes. It is thus very important to be prepared for burglary every day since thieves come into your house the day and time that you least expect. Here are a few great solutions for home security that can enhance the safety of your home, brought to us by the guys at


Common sense.

Most people think that getting the elaborate home security system that is inflexible and expensive is the ultimate solution to their security problems. However, this is not always the case. Burglars are opportunists; they take advantage of every little mistake that you make to break into your home. For this reason, deal with the common sense issues first before you can sign a contract with a home security provider. Specifically,

  • Lock all the doors whenever you are going out. Even the garage door should not be left open.
  • Don’t let everyone know that you are going out.
  • Ensure that all your doors are made of solid wood or metal. They should be strong at all times.
  • Befriend your neighbors. They will let you know or call the police on your behalf whenever they notice theft going on in your home.
  • Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Put your most precious valuables in different locations.
  • If you are going to be absent for a long time, let a trusted friend or neighbor pick your newspapers or mails, because if they pile, everybody will know that you are out. Alternatively, you can cancel the newspaper orders and let the post office keep your mail for you while you are away.

Keep pets

Guard DogPets can help you get rid of the security threats that you are facing. A barking dog, for example, will keep thieves away, because none of them wants to be bitten, leave alone being caught. There are some people who have managed to keep lions and other animals as pets, and they can all enhance the security of your home.

Be crafty

Sometimes you just have to be crafty to keep your house safe. Thieves are cowards, and anything that indicates that they can be easily caught is a put-off. Here are some crafty ideas that can keep thieves away from home.

  • Get a home security sign or sticker to make thieves think that your home is covered by a home security, even if it is not.
  • If you don’t have a dog, get the “BE AWARE OF BARKING DOGS” sign. No thief wants to be barked at because this increases the chances of being caught
  • If you cannot afford an original surveillance camera, get a fake one. It will serve the same function as the original one most of the times.
  • Whenever you leave, ensure that your home looks occupied. Leave the radio on, for instance. You may also use programmable timers to switch on the lights frequently while you are away, to give burglars the impression that the house is occupied. If you are going to be away for a long time, leave the security lights on.
  • Change the location of valuables frequently. You never know how well burglars know your home until they break into it. Therefore, avoid keeping valuables in the same location for a long time.

Change some habits

Some of our habits invite thieves to our own homes. For instance, if you like leaving your spare key hidden somewhere outside your home, you need to get rid of this habit. Don’t let hedges or trees overgrow, especially near windows.


Go professional

locksmith3Do-it-yourself security measures are good for your safety, but sometimes you just have to go professional. Get a technician to install deadbolt locks on the interior and exterior walls, deadbolt strike plates and door jams, and eye-viewer in front and back doors. Choose programmable combination keypads for entry locks and add a track lock to sliding glass entry doors. Depending on the regulations of the local authorities, you may have to install a home security system.


Technology in home security.

It is also possible to keep thieves away from your home using technological easy-to-use devices. For instance, on top of installing the alarm system, you can install a video monitoring system or a surveillance camera to keep watch of any movements outside your home. Additionally, you can install exterior motion sensor flood lighting to ensure that no movement goes unnoticed. There are also security programs that are compatible with smartphones these days, and you can take advantage of them reduce the probability of your home being burglarized.


All in all, great solutions for home security entail a multifaceted approach that dissuades opportunists from stealing your property. You just have to be smart to keep your precious and irreplaceable belongings safe. Knowledge of basic security measures is not enough.

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Who Can I Call For Key Replacement?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Who Can I Call For Key Replacement?

Replacing keys does not have to be a nightmare job that it currently is for many people. it should be part of an ordinary process arising due to human error or a precaution against the eventuality of losing a key. Anyone is allowed to replace keys and the most commonly replaced ones are car keys and door lock keys. You are therefore not alone. Having said that, keys come in unique shapes and they all have unique features that make them specific to particular locks. Therefore, you cannot just order a key replacement; you need to know who to call for your particular case.

Who can I call for key replacement?

1. A locksmith who provide key duplicates

Twin Car KeysHere, the key replacement is meant to prevent emergencies in future. You are interested in having an alternative in case you forget or lose your current keys. When you are calling for replacement, you will have to provide your present key for it to be duplicated by the locksmith. Duplication will cover keys that are in electronic format and use special codes to open. It will also cover ordinary keys that rely on a unique engraving on their longitudinal side.

2. A professional service with the capability of making duplicates from unique lock and key numbers

Padlocks will come with unique key numbers that are specific to the keys that open them. The vendors of these padlocks and locksmiths have the ability to identify replacements that may be used on the padlocks. However, the padlocks must be of the category that supports the use of specific numbers as unique identifiers for their keys. Therefore, when you have such as padlock and have lost your keys or just need replacements, you can simply provide the number to a professional key replacement service and you will be able to get a proper functioning replacement key.

3. Lock repair technician

Car LocksmithSometimes you leave your keys in the house or inside your car. To get them back, you have to find replacement keys or tamper with your lock to have it open so that you can fetch keys. Upon fetching keys, you realize that they no longer fit well to the lock. This can happen for various reasons including the physical tampering or use of overriding codes in the case of electronic keys. Thus, you will need recalibration of the lock so that it can work well again. Often, you will also need replacement keys that fit the repaired lock because it will be operating as new. Be prepared for the eventuality that your original keys fail to work on a tampered lock and when it happens, call your lock repair technician.

4. General key replacement service provider

For security reasons, key replacement services will be skeptical is you are not the lock owner. They would not want to facilitate unauthorized entry into houses or cars. As part of their ethical conduct for doing their business, they will request that you provide additional verification information when presenting your case of key replacement. Thus, it is helpful for owners to be the ones that make the call for key replacement. The service should be faster because the owner will have the necessary information needed by the locksmith. In some cases, a family member with express orders from the key owner might make the call and will need proper identification to show that the relation of the caller and they key owner is trustworthy. In cases where there specific combination codes or input codes involved with keys, only the person knowing these combinations should make the call. Key replacement service providers list their details on the internet and you can find your local vendor easily from a location specific search.

There are other numerous scenarios for seeking a key replacement. Irrespective of the time of need, the examples offered are the most common solutions to refer to when you need a key replacement. The good news is that there is assistance for you when you know what to bring forth when seeking a replacement. Besides, calling is the best action you can take to find out whether your situation is covered and what it is going to take to have your replacement keys availed to you. Always offer accurate and practical information when you call because that will lead to faster outcomes for your key replacement.

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The Dealership or Locksmith for Car Key Replacement

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

The Dealership or Locksmith for Car Key Replacement

It used to be that getting a key made was just a matter of a trip to the hardware store, and that was it. Hand the clerk your key, he makes a duplicate, gives it back to you, and you are on your way home, the owner of a new key. Unfortunately, unless you are a cave dweller, locks and keys are a lot more sophisticated today. Naturally, all of this technology can come at a very steep price.

Many new cars today have what are called a proximity key, which allows an owner to unlock their car door by simply having the correct key close. Further, they can start the ignition by having a key close, then pushing a Start button on the dash. Needless to say, these systems aren’t cheap to replace a key for, but even the less sophisticated keys aren’t cheap. Big thanks to the guys at Ahwatukee Locksmith for all the useful information.

Transponder Systems

transponder1To prevent automobile theft, many cars today have transponder systems that prevent them from starting without the key that is programmed to match it. These systems also include a fob with buttons that lock or unlock the doors.

If you happen to lose the key and the fob you can take it to your car’s dealer for a replacement and reprogramming, but it will cost you about $200, depending on the make of the car as well as the key’s design. Some dealers will charge you up to $375 for this service while others will charge up to $500, depending on the model.

If you want to save money and you can afford to wait, you might be able to buy a replacement key over the Internet. A Honda dealer, for example, might charge you up to $200 to replace the key to a 2005 Accord. Websites such as, a source for all kinds of key replacements at discount prices, will usually charge you considerably less. The same key for the above mentioned Accord sells on keylessride for $54. If you decide to opt for an off-brand, a key will cost you about $45. If you want a locksmith to cut another key and program it, the cost will be an additional $80, bringing the total to $134.

Going it Alone

Depending on the make a model of your car, you can do it yourself and save more money. The first thing to do in these instances is to buy a fob from one of many sources, checking the instructions in the owner’s manual for your car, then program the fob to match. If you need more information or another view on the instructions, these can usually be found online. You can search online by entering your car’s model name and “key programming.”

Another problem that often presents itself is when the buttons of your fob stop working, but you can still start the car with the key. It’s at this point that the fob’s battery usually needs to be changed. These types of batteries can usually be purchased at minimal expense at drugstores, convenience stores, and retailers such as Radio Shack for less than $10. There is usually a tiny screw in what amounts to a door on the fob that you can open and replace the battery. If not, you might be able to pry the door open with a coin or a small screwdriver to replace the battery.

If after you have replaced the electronics of the fob it still doesn’t work, you might have to replace the electronics completely. Most dealers will do this for around $100 or slightly less, depending on the model of your car. This is another task that you can usually accomplish yourself and have it cost you minimal money.

Call a Locksmith

locksmith3Let’s face it. Some people are simply not inclined to make their repairs. This does not mean, however, that they can’t save money. It’s for these people that a locksmith is usually the best idea for replacing a key. Calling a locksmith won’t, admittedly, cost you less than doing the work yourself, but if you want to save both time and money, a locksmith will probably be your best bet. You should also consider that the cost of a locksmith will usually be significantly less than a dealer, even if he does charge you more for a service call.

Obviously, a locksmith knows what he’s doing, and since more cars are coming equipped with programmable keys and fobs, most locksmiths have been trained to work with them. It’s also important to note that if a locksmith has to come to your home or office to make a key, they usually have a miniature version of their shop in their truck or van and can make your key while you wait. This is another significant cost savings. Not only will locksmiths cost you less because they are in that business and nothing else, but locksmiths are usually the best deal when time is of the essence. There is also less chance of damage to your car since the car does not need to be towed to a dealership for the work to be done. The locksmith will usually come to wherever the car is located to get the job done. Another benefit of a locksmith is that they are normally available 24/7.

Better Safe Than Sorry

There’s no avoiding the fact that the keys used on modern cars are expensive to replace. Just as is the case with many other things in life, the best defense against lost keys is to get a spare key made when you have the time to do it. It’s when you don’t have a key or the time to deal with it that it’s called an emergency and it will cost you a premium to get the problem resolved.

Finally, if you are one of those kinds of people who like to tempt fate by having only one set of keys, consider this: if you lose your keys, and you need to get your car towed to a dealership for service, it can cost you more than $1,000 to replace the locks on your car. The choice is yours to make.

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