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5 Important Reasons To Change Your Locks When Moving

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016

5 Important Reasons To Change Your Locks When Moving

Moving is an exciting event that entails small to major changes that can be for the better. You and your family are possibly headed towards more beautiful surroundings and a refreshing new atmosphere. At the same time, it is also mostly overwhelming for there are just so many things to do. The typical image that comes to mind would be the packing and unpacking of boxes, however, there are a myriad of other important matters that must be taken care of. Obligations such as new mortgage payments, finding the right school, and familiarizing yourself with the neighborhood are just to name a few.

All the said preparations cause many people to forget about changing the locks, which is often overlooked yet actually a critical aspect during a move. It should be a priority that is probably the most important step to take if you wish to settle in home sweet home very soon. A house is called as such for giving you a cozy and comfortable space, and nonetheless a secure place to live in. The simple act of having your locks replaced can make a huge difference in the future that awaits you in your new home. Here are 5 Important Reasons Why You Should Change Your Locks When Moving:

1. You Alone Hold the Key

Key exchangeWhether it’s a condo, townhouse, apartment, big house, or a mansion you’ll soon call your home, changing locks should be implemented prior to your move. Why? If there have been previous owners who lived there in the past, you will almost certainly never know how many keys have been duplicated and given to a spouse, family members, friends, and anyone else. They probably still have those keys to your home that could be anywhere on earth, and that is not such a nice thought. A new lock ensures you alone and the people you trust are the only ones who hold the key.

2. Safety Precaution

Truth is, even if it’s a brand new home that have just been built with the keys finally handed over to you, it’s still best to change locks. This almost eliminates the possibility of break-ins, theft or robbery, and stolen home appliances or furniture. A trusted locksmith sees to your utmost security by installing the best locks on all entry points of your house. You are granted unbeatable peace of mind with state-of-the-art lock systems that provide protection of your assets and property, and of course, function towards your family’s safety.

3. Preventing Emergency Cases

Nobody would like to be caught in a situation where they get locked out of their own home because of a faulty lock. It can also happen that a lock malfunctions and gets stuck in the middle of the night, leaving you vulnerable to undesirable events. Locks are subject to wear and tear and can become weak, especially the cheap quality or poorly installed locks. It can suddenly give up working at the most inconvenient time, which only proves that prevention is always better than cure. Thus, it is a wise choice to change locks before you find yourself seeking help during an emergency.

4. Upgrade to Superior Locks

Anviz FingerprintState-of-the-art locks have a less likelihood of being compromised and are mostly often impenetrable. Moreover, the features are enhanced when a good locksmith does the job of installing them for you. You end up with properly working newly replaced door locks that will serve its purpose for long years. Contemporary locks are incorporated with the latest technology and standards, the highest quality and reliable durability that have been designed to meet your needs.

5. Priceless Peace of Mind

A new lock seems so simple, yet allows you to live a life free from constant fear and worries. A new door lock crafted with the highest standards, exhibits top-notch quality and performance, displays strength and durability makes it a good investment that gives you beyond your money’s worth. Everyone in the household achieves the highest quality of life by merely being able to have a safe and sound sleep throughout the night, knowing that danger is kept at bay. Moving into a new home has a lot of serious expenses involved, on top of your already existing assets and the huge value of the house itself. The cost of changing locks is very little but has tremendous benefits revolving around your safety, security, and peace of mind, which makes it priceless.

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Types Of Kwikset Locks

Posted by on Feb 17, 2016

Types Of Kwikset Locks

Most locks focus on entry doors as that is the most important when it comes to security. Entry door locks typically come in two types. One type attached to the inside of the door and is easy to install. The other type of lock inserted into the gate itself and latches to the gate frame. Obviously, the latter type of locks is more secure. One easy to install lock is the Kwikset lock with ready attaches to the inside of the door and the bar slides into a slot that is also attached to the inside face of the frame. Another conventional lock style, especially in apartment buildings is the chain locks. Now chain locks have the added benefit of allowing the door to open, depending on the length of the string while still providing a level of security. However, they are not very secure as the line can be cut or busted open. The articles explain different types of Kwikset locks, thanks to the guys at


Kwikset is situated in the United States of America; with headquarter in California, and branches in New Zealand, Victoria, Australia and Auckland. There are different sorts of Kwikset locks. These incorporate electronic, small business, entryway levers, deadbolts, handle sets and entryway handles. Each of these sorts of Kwikset locks accompanies different magnificent brands. It is accordingly vital to consider picking Kwikset key locks relying upon your requirements for home security. Never forget that Kwikset is the main brand pioneer with regards to bolts generation. The items are high calibre, enduring and one doesn’t need to spend a considerable measure to gain them.


Kwikset KeypadThe electronic Kwikset locks are those who are worked by electronic keypads or touch screens and accompany reinforcement key ways. These sorts of locks are initiated and accomplished by entering in access codes that are customized. You just need to move a catch to bolt it. Continuously take note of that the Kwikset electronic locks are typically accessible in five completions, which incorporate glossy silk nickel, cleaned metal, cleaned chrome, Venetian bronze, and dandy. There are eleven brands under this kind of speediest key lock. Some of these incorporate 913 shrewd code deadbolt, power bolt and 912 keen code lever that have a home associate.


Another type of Kwikset locks is the handle sets. These are chiefly intended to be used in the passages of front entryway since they have good handles and secure deadbolts. Handle sets are typically accessible in eleven completions which incorporate glossy silk nickel, cleaned chrome, Venetian bronze, iron dark, natural pewter, rustic bronze, cleaned metal, and old fashioned metal.


There is additionally the Kwikset deadbolts, which are intended to guarantee that homes are shielded from robberies, soften up, unapproved passages and self-assertive trespasses. Kwikset deadbolts are accessible in different security evaluations and styles. It is important that these sorts of Kwikset locks are commonly available in a sum of twelve completes that incorporate; old fashioned metal, lifetime cleaned metal, glossy silk nickel, classic metal, polished chrome, silk chrome, Venetian bronze, rustic bronze, coxcomb, iron dark and natural pewter.


kwikset handlesetKwikset door levers are yet another degree of Kwikset locks. These locks have a lever shape and are most suitable for private homes. Door levers Kwikset locks are mainly intended to upgrade and supplement a home’s inside stylistic layout. Note that these sorts of Kwikset locks are likewise promptly accessible in eleven completions which incorporate the old fashioned metal, lifetime cleaned metal, glossy silk nickel, cleaned metal, silk chrome, old fashioned Nickel, Venetian Bronze, iron dark, rustic bronze, polished chrome, rural pewter and the natural bronze.


There is likewise the Kwikset door knobs, which are intended to be used in customary private homes, with a particular plan that mean to improve the inside stylistic layout of the home. Much the same as Kwikset door levers. Door knobs are accessible in an aggregate of eleven completions which incorporate; old fashioned metal; lifetime cleaned metal, glossy silk nickel, cleaned metal, silk chrome, old fashioned nickel, rustic bronze, polished chrome, Venetian bronze, iron dark, natural pewter and the rustic bronze.


It is significant that all Kwikset items accompany warranties which are aimed at ensuring customer retention with a perspective of building long haul steadfastness. Kwikset is a fabulous locks organization that additionally give re-key administrations to every one of its items. it is anything but difficult to introduce all the Kwikset mentioned above door locks, be that as it may, it is essential to consider getting the assistance of an expert to work it out for you and appreciate the upside of complete security to your properties.

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Which Locks Provide The Highest Home Security?

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Which Locks Provide The Highest Home Security?

For many homeowners, the level of security is often a priority selecting door locks. This is because selecting the right locks provides the best defense for their homes to prevent break-ins. The good news is that today’s locks are specially designed to offer much greater protection. However, because of the numerous brands and models available, it can be hard to determine which locks can provide the highest home security.


So, which locks provide the highest home security? Below are some of the highest grade security locks that will make you feel totally secure in your home.


Deadbolt Locks


deadboltssssDeadbolt locks are highly recommended for use in residential doors as they provide the highest security level. These locks don’t contain springs, which explains the term “dead.”


There are two types of deadbolt locks: single-cylinder deadbolt and double-cylinder deadbolt. The single-cylinder deadbolt lock is usually operated by use of a key from the inside, and with a turn-button on the inside. The double-cylinder deadbolt lock is usually operated from the inside and the outside with a key. Most homeowners prefer double-cylinder deadbolt locks because burglars cannot break the glass to reach in and unlock the door. It offers double security. Be sure to purchase top brand deadbolt locks if you want the highest level of security in your home.


Keyless Locks


Keyless Lock 1Many residential homes have keyless locks installed to provide highest security level and convenience. The lock has a special feature known as anti theft rolling code that ensures that a single code is not used twice. The advantage with this type of lock is that it’s compatible with garage door openers and home security systems.


You might also want to consider selecting this top security lock for your home.


Entry Locksets or Handlesets


Entry locksets/handlesets are usually combined with deadbolt locks for enhanced security. They feature two door knobs that are locked both from inside and the outside. One of the doorknobs is locked from inside by either depressing or turning a small button while the other doorknob must be unlocked with a key.


Mortise Locks


It’s common to find Mortise locks on many residential doors due to their advanced security level and convenience.


The lock features a flat and rectangular box that fits perfectly into the door’s recess from the edge and includes keyholes and two faceplates consisting of knobs. The deadbolt lock is operated by turning the inside knob while the latch is operated from both sides


New Lock Technologies


kwikset kevoSome of the most advanced technologies in home security are the new smart locks featuring Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts, cameras, and finger scanners. Others support mobile apps that send you lock activities notifications on your Smartphone and also enable you to effectively manage the locks.


These locks are technically engineered to provide maximum security and for convenience.


Remember that locksets offer first line defense against intrusion and thus selecting the best is crucial. Be sure to purchase from reputable brands as you are guaranteed of having your home well secured. Also, choose a reputable locksmith for installation as the level of security is also increased when the locks are professionally installed.

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Some Great Solutions For Home Security

Posted by on Feb 4, 2016

Some Great Solutions For Home Security

We all dream of owning a home that reflects the way we would like to live. However, owning a home is one thing, and keeping it safe is another. You may spend a lot of time and money building your dream home and acquiring wealth, only for burglars to steal all you have gathered for a long time within a few minutes. It is thus very important to be prepared for burglary every day since thieves come into your house the day and time that you least expect. Here are a few great solutions for home security that can enhance the safety of your home, brought to us by the guys at


Common sense.

Most people think that getting the elaborate home security system that is inflexible and expensive is the ultimate solution to their security problems. However, this is not always the case. Burglars are opportunists; they take advantage of every little mistake that you make to break into your home. For this reason, deal with the common sense issues first before you can sign a contract with a home security provider. Specifically,

  • Lock all the doors whenever you are going out. Even the garage door should not be left open.
  • Don’t let everyone know that you are going out.
  • Ensure that all your doors are made of solid wood or metal. They should be strong at all times.
  • Befriend your neighbors. They will let you know or call the police on your behalf whenever they notice theft going on in your home.
  • Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. Put your most precious valuables in different locations.
  • If you are going to be absent for a long time, let a trusted friend or neighbor pick your newspapers or mails, because if they pile, everybody will know that you are out. Alternatively, you can cancel the newspaper orders and let the post office keep your mail for you while you are away.

Keep pets

Guard DogPets can help you get rid of the security threats that you are facing. A barking dog, for example, will keep thieves away, because none of them wants to be bitten, leave alone being caught. There are some people who have managed to keep lions and other animals as pets, and they can all enhance the security of your home.

Be crafty

Sometimes you just have to be crafty to keep your house safe. Thieves are cowards, and anything that indicates that they can be easily caught is a put-off. Here are some crafty ideas that can keep thieves away from home.

  • Get a home security sign or sticker to make thieves think that your home is covered by a home security, even if it is not.
  • If you don’t have a dog, get the “BE AWARE OF BARKING DOGS” sign. No thief wants to be barked at because this increases the chances of being caught
  • If you cannot afford an original surveillance camera, get a fake one. It will serve the same function as the original one most of the times.
  • Whenever you leave, ensure that your home looks occupied. Leave the radio on, for instance. You may also use programmable timers to switch on the lights frequently while you are away, to give burglars the impression that the house is occupied. If you are going to be away for a long time, leave the security lights on.
  • Change the location of valuables frequently. You never know how well burglars know your home until they break into it. Therefore, avoid keeping valuables in the same location for a long time.

Change some habits

Some of our habits invite thieves to our own homes. For instance, if you like leaving your spare key hidden somewhere outside your home, you need to get rid of this habit. Don’t let hedges or trees overgrow, especially near windows.


Go professional

locksmith3Do-it-yourself security measures are good for your safety, but sometimes you just have to go professional. Get a technician to install deadbolt locks on the interior and exterior walls, deadbolt strike plates and door jams, and eye-viewer in front and back doors. Choose programmable combination keypads for entry locks and add a track lock to sliding glass entry doors. Depending on the regulations of the local authorities, you may have to install a home security system.


Technology in home security.

It is also possible to keep thieves away from your home using technological easy-to-use devices. For instance, on top of installing the alarm system, you can install a video monitoring system or a surveillance camera to keep watch of any movements outside your home. Additionally, you can install exterior motion sensor flood lighting to ensure that no movement goes unnoticed. There are also security programs that are compatible with smartphones these days, and you can take advantage of them reduce the probability of your home being burglarized.


All in all, great solutions for home security entail a multifaceted approach that dissuades opportunists from stealing your property. You just have to be smart to keep your precious and irreplaceable belongings safe. Knowledge of basic security measures is not enough.

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How Easy are Car Keys to Replace?

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016

How Easy are Car Keys to Replace?

Losing or having a malfunctioning car key can be an incredibly stressful experience. You literally feel immobilized even as you have an important trip to make. Like the best things in life, you realize its worth only when it’s gone. But what could you possibly do to get your car keys back once you have lost it?

Remember, a lost car key is not just an inconvenience but also a security threat. Someone else might be in possession of your car key and might leave you without your car if you do not take adequate steps to have your car key replaced. But how does some one get his or her car key replaced after having misplaced the same? Read on to find out that losing your car key should not necessarily leave you stressed. Armed with the right information, you will learn that replacing your car keys is a breeze.

Choosing a locksmith to replace your car keys

The first step should be find out whether you have any car insurance coverage for the lost key. Typically, a car insurance does not provide for lost keys and the individual will have to pay out of his or her pocket. If, like most Americans, you car insurance does not provide for lost keys, then you have to determine if you want to have your key replaced by a dealership or an auto locksmith.

Remember, having your car keys replaced from a dealership is an expensive proposition. It is not uncommon to be charged $200 for the whole exercise which includes cutting your car key as well as programming it. If your car is newer or a luxury model then expect this bill to shoot up to as high as $500. If this sounds too high a price to you, as it does to us, then there is a cheaper and equally effective option. Buy them from a reputed local auto locksmith.

Choosing a local locksmith to replace your car key is an economical and safe option when it comes to replacing your car keys. The local locksmith would do the exact same thing as the dealership when it comes to replacing the car keys except charging significantly less.

How to choose the right locksmith?

locksmith10As mentioned above, being locked out of your car is not only not fun, but also a huge safety risk. It makes sense, therefore, that you do your proper homework and diligence check before hiring a locksmith. For example, an auto locksmith would require your vehicle’s make, its vehicle identification number, and the model in order to program the chip in the replacement key. However, this is sensitive information and handing out such details to unscrupulous operators might risk the safety of your car itself.
In particular, you should check for the following when choosing your locksmith.

Credentials1) Licenses and industry accreditation: One of the first thing you should make sure is that your locksmith has all the right and current licenses to ply his or her trade. Making sure that your locksmith has all the necessary certification and licenses in place means that you insure yourself against fly by night and unscrupulous operators who are only in it to make a quick buck.

2) Look for experience: Besides all the licenses and certification, you would want your locksmith to have adequate industry experience. Ask them about their experience in the industry so that you get an exemplary standard of service and care.

3) Check their reviews: Websites such as Angies List and other review websites should provide you a good clue about the quality of service provided by a locksmith. Ask their previous customers about their experience with a particular locksmith so that you know what you would be getting for your money.

4) Availability: It is often the case that you lose your car keys at the worst possible time when there is no help available on hand. This is where a locksmith who can make himself available at a short notice is so immensely valuable. Choose a locksmith who is both reliable and ready to provide help at all hours.

5) Fair pricing: Let us face it. A lot of us who have lost our car keys find ourselves in a desperate situation with a diminished power of negotiation. A lot of locksmiths take benefit of such a situation by charging unreasonably high prices. On the other hand, a reliable and experienced locksmith would offer you an upfront and transparent pricing. Choose a locksmith who is consistent, honest and fair in his prices.

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