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Best Options For Exit Devices

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Best Options For Exit Devices

Exit devices are commonly installed on aluminum and hollow metal doors in commercial buildings, including schools, retail stores, hospitals and office buildings. Most people are familiar with both types of equipment – the crossbar rim device and the push pad rim device. The crossbar rim device has classic styling while the push pad rim device has a more modern appearance. Regardless of which style is preferred, there are some design factors to consider when purchasing exit devices.

Exit Device1Exit devices are essential bits of equipment on business entryways. Exit gadgets, otherwise called alarm bars or crash bars, are instruments utilized for opening entryways rapidly. Crash bars supplement or supplant standard entryway handles or handles/levers. They make a without hands exit from inside conceivable while permitting the way to remain bolted all things considered. They take into consideration speedy departure in crises (subsequently the name alarm bars.) When the main Von Duprin exit gadget appeared in the mid 1900’s, nobody could have anticipated the broad effect it would have on an industry for quite a long time to come.

Exit devices/crash bars are required on certain doors in commercial buildings. The building codes in most municipalities/states mandate which doors must have crash bars installed. They save precious seconds during an emergency, such as a fire, allowing crowds to escape quickly to safety.

While they mainly function as a security device, crash bars have other advantages. They are often easier for people in wheelchairs to reach and execute than handles. Children can also operate them easily.

The first consideration is security and safety. When choosing an exit device, make sure it conforms to ANSI Grade 1 specifications. Also, look for hardened steel latches, adjustable strikes, concealed mounting screws, and hex dogging. On push pad rim devices, look for designs without openings for chains so you can reduce the risk of code violations. Pushpa devices should also be designed to resist tampering or forced entry, even if the intruder has a coat hanger or other tool.

push bar2Next, choose exit devices that are easy to install, maintain and adjust. Crossbar rim devices are the simplest and easiest to work with. Most can be installed on stiles as narrow as 1 3/4 inches and are easily converted for left-hand or right-hand operation. Choose the latest push pad rim devices which have fewer parts and thus require less maintenance. This is especially important on a door in high-traffic locations.

The best exit devices come with a variety of options. Crossbar rim devices are popular since they are available in numerous painted and architectural finishes. This is a nice feature in upscale offices and retail establishments. Also, crossbar styles should be field adjustable to fit the width of any door. Pushpa devices don’t normally come in as many finishes as crossbars, but the best companies still offer variety in metal finishes. Push pads are typically available in 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch and 48-inch lengths and may include electrical options for added security. Some push pad rim devices are also designed for use on fire doors.

Finally, you’ll need to decide on the exterior options for exit devices. If the gate does not need to be opened from the outside, no trim is required. Otherwise, you can install a pull handle, pull handle and cylinder lock, or a cylinder lock only.

It’s always best to choose high-quality exit devices in order to avoid maintenance issues, especially in high-traffic areas. Good ones provide smooth, quiet operation. Look for products that carry the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label so you know they have been tested for functionality and reliability.

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