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Reasons Why A Dealership Is Not The Answer For Car Key Replacement

Posted by on May 16, 2016

Reasons Why A Dealership Is Not The Answer For Car Key Replacement

So you’ve misplaced your car keys or they’ve just stopped working, and you just can’t seem to decide whether to contact your local locksmith or the dealership. Well, most experts recommend using a local locksmith because even though dealerships offer great car key replacement services due to their ties with the auto manufacturers, they have a number of setbacks.


This article provides you with detailed information about the main disadvantages of using dealerships for your car key replacement. It also explains the reasons as to why local locksmiths are a better option when it comes to car key replacement. Special thank you to AZ Car Keys for all the information provided.


Dealership Prices are High as Compared to Local Locksmiths


One of the biggest and most inconveniencing disadvantages of using a dealership is the high price you’ll be asked to pay for your replacement car keys. Dealerships are infamous for their inflated prices, which often inconveniences clients. If you’re on a budget and want to have your car key replaced fast, it might not be a good idea to contact a dealership.


And that’s not all there is to the inflated prices. There are towing fees. Yes. Towing fees and replacement fees are separate. This is because unlike a locksmith who comes wherever you are to replace the keys for you, the dealership does not send someone over. This means you’ll have to pay extra for towing. Of course, this leads to time wastage and of course, you end up spending extra money.


In this case, contacting a locksmith might be a great idea, especially if you’re on a tight budget.


Time Wastage


Save TimeThe fact that you’ll have to get your car serviced right at the dealership leads to time wastage. For example, if you happen to misplace your keys at home and have to get to work in an hour’s time, you can imagine how long it’s going to take to tow the car to the dealership, wait for the replacement, and then drive to work. It would save more time if you just hired a trusted local locksmith who will arrive and replace your car keys in no time.




Having your car keys replaced at a dealership can be inconveniencing to your work schedule or any other plans you may have. The fact that you have to tow your car to the dealership and wait for it to be fixed can be very inconvenient. Many people have failed to turn up for interviews or important activities after taking their cars to the dealerships.


The good thing about having a reputable locksmith is that you’ll never have to experience such ugly incidences. It’s usually even much better because locksmiths waste no time attending to emergencies such as lost keys.


Inconsistent Service


Different car owners often have different experiences after visiting a new car dealership. Some regret even using their services in the first place due to the shoddy services they got.


A technician may simply ignore you because you’re new and even offer no explanation about the services he is about to offer you. This is just so unprofessional. Others might treat you well. Visiting a new dealership can be a hit or miss experience.


To avoid such bad experiences, it’s always advisable to use a local locksmith’s services. Local locksmiths are renowned for their courteousness and professionalism since they are serious about their profession and work hard to build a solid reputation.


Inconvenient Delays


Besides the fact that you’ve to have your car towed to the dealership, which of course leads to time wastage, there are certain cases where you might have to wait several days for your replacement keys to arrive from overseas. You might also have to wait for the technician to re-programme a new set of keys for your car.


Locksmiths are always set with tools, replacement keys, and every other equipment required to get your vehicle moving. Their services are quick, fast, and very reliable.


No Personal Connections


When you visit a dealership every time for servicing or car replacement keys, it’s possible that you’ll meet a new technician every time. This simply means that you’ll never get acquainted with a single technician who you can always feel comfortable talking to or servicing your car. This might make you uncomfortable.


Auto LocksmithWith a locksmith, it’s possible to establish a long-term relationship with him especially if he is local. There are people who’ve used the same locksmiths for years. Having a locksmith you can trust and depend on can save you the trouble of going to a dealership every time you lose your car keys or have some car problems.




It’s pretty clear that dealerships are not always the best option when it comes to having your car keys replaced. It’s always wise to establish a good relationship with a local locksmith.

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Is It Common To Get Your Key Stuck In The Ignition?

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016

Is It Common To Get Your Key Stuck In The Ignition?

Is it common to get your key stuck in the ignition? This question has been asked by nearly everyone, especially car owners. While people may have different views, the answer to the question is “yes”. Yes, it is common to get your key stuck in the ignition. Like many machines, certain things in a car can occasionally go wrong. Some gadgets in a car can go wrong if they are not well maintained or taken care of properly. Ideally, some can also experience occasional hiccups despite proper maintenance and care. In other words, it is not easy and it is nearly impossible to prevent your key from being stuck in the car’s ignition. But good news is you can fix the whole situation without much hassle. Thanks to for the useful information.

Common Reasons for a Stuck Key in the Car’s Ignition

However, before you begin figuring out how to get your stuck key from the car’s ignition, you must first, understand what is making your key be stuck in there. Because a key that will not turn is time consuming, stressful, and frustrating, you may be desperately in need of a solution. While some solutions are effective, others are not, and may make the whole situation more difficult. It is crucial to check for causes that make your key be stuck in the car’s ignition, as this will help prevent more problems. Some of the common reasons include:

Loose cablesLoose Cables: Loose cables are either located behind the ignition or inside the dashboard. When your key is stuck in the car’s ignition, one of the first places to visit is the loose cable. If you find that a loose cable is the reason for a stuck key, replacing it may be the best bet.

A worn out Wheel Lock Cylinder: Another thing that can make your key be stuck in the car’s ignition is a worn out wheel lock cylinder. One effective way to detect a worn out wheel lock cylinder is by inserting a fob or key into the wheel lock cylinder and try to turn it. If there is difficulty turning the key or fob, your wheel lock cylinder may be worn out. There is one less turn for the key or fob to go in its lifetime every time you insert it (key or fob) into the wheel lock cylinder.

Dead Car BatteryBattery is dead: Dead battery can also be another reason for a stuck key. You may consider checking your battery if a key is stuck in the car’s ignition. Although this is not that common, a dead battery can make a key remain stuck in the ignition of some cars (especially modern cars).

Vehicle is not in Park: Like others, this can also make your key remain stuck in the car’s ignition. You may need to replace your car’s shift solenoid or another related mechanism even if the gearshift lever appears to be in park.

How to Fix a Stuck Key in the car’s Ignition

While it may be impossible to prevent your key from being stuck in the car’s ignition, it is relatively easy to fix the whole situation. First, you must understand that in most cases, the ignition key is not often at fault when such a problem arises. Before you start to turn and twist the key all you want, consider these three simple techniques. They include:

  1. Testing the Parking Position

It is common for your car to fail to lock into the parking position. If you are still able to move the gearshift lever after turning the car off, your linkage may be worn out or out of adjustment. You must always lock the shifter in park in order to remove the key.

  1. Checking the Position of your Key

Take a look at the car’s ignition switch to make sure the key is in the lock position. As wheel lock cylinders age and wear out, it gets simpler to turn the key beyond the lock position. This is particularly true if your key has been attached to various heavy objects that gradually promote excessive wear by adding pressure on the wheel lock cylinder.

  1. Moving the Steering Wheel Back and Forth

Try moving the steering wheel system back and forth, and at the same time gently remove the key from the lock position. The steering wheel can sometimes lock, thereby, making the car’s ignition switch to keep the key locked in place until it (steering wheel system) is unlocked. While doing this, be keen not to pull hard on the key and simply focus on getting the much-needed movement from the steering wheel system.

Although it is common to get your key stuck in the car’s ignition, it is relatively easy to fix the situation. In most cases, the ignition key is usually not at fault; thus, you should check for other aspects that are making your key be stuck in the car’s ignition. If you are unable to figure out what is really making your key remain stuck in the car’s ignition, contact your local locksmith for help. The locksmith will come to your office or home to help solve the problem.

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Who Can I Call For Key Replacement?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Who Can I Call For Key Replacement?

Replacing keys does not have to be a nightmare job that it currently is for many people. it should be part of an ordinary process arising due to human error or a precaution against the eventuality of losing a key. Anyone is allowed to replace keys and the most commonly replaced ones are car keys and door lock keys. You are therefore not alone. Having said that, keys come in unique shapes and they all have unique features that make them specific to particular locks. Therefore, you cannot just order a key replacement; you need to know who to call for your particular case.

Who can I call for key replacement?

1. A locksmith who provide key duplicates

Twin Car KeysHere, the key replacement is meant to prevent emergencies in future. You are interested in having an alternative in case you forget or lose your current keys. When you are calling for replacement, you will have to provide your present key for it to be duplicated by the locksmith. Duplication will cover keys that are in electronic format and use special codes to open. It will also cover ordinary keys that rely on a unique engraving on their longitudinal side.

2. A professional service with the capability of making duplicates from unique lock and key numbers

Padlocks will come with unique key numbers that are specific to the keys that open them. The vendors of these padlocks and locksmiths have the ability to identify replacements that may be used on the padlocks. However, the padlocks must be of the category that supports the use of specific numbers as unique identifiers for their keys. Therefore, when you have such as padlock and have lost your keys or just need replacements, you can simply provide the number to a professional key replacement service and you will be able to get a proper functioning replacement key.

3. Lock repair technician

Car LocksmithSometimes you leave your keys in the house or inside your car. To get them back, you have to find replacement keys or tamper with your lock to have it open so that you can fetch keys. Upon fetching keys, you realize that they no longer fit well to the lock. This can happen for various reasons including the physical tampering or use of overriding codes in the case of electronic keys. Thus, you will need recalibration of the lock so that it can work well again. Often, you will also need replacement keys that fit the repaired lock because it will be operating as new. Be prepared for the eventuality that your original keys fail to work on a tampered lock and when it happens, call your lock repair technician.

4. General key replacement service provider

For security reasons, key replacement services will be skeptical is you are not the lock owner. They would not want to facilitate unauthorized entry into houses or cars. As part of their ethical conduct for doing their business, they will request that you provide additional verification information when presenting your case of key replacement. Thus, it is helpful for owners to be the ones that make the call for key replacement. The service should be faster because the owner will have the necessary information needed by the locksmith. In some cases, a family member with express orders from the key owner might make the call and will need proper identification to show that the relation of the caller and they key owner is trustworthy. In cases where there specific combination codes or input codes involved with keys, only the person knowing these combinations should make the call. Key replacement service providers list their details on the internet and you can find your local vendor easily from a location specific search.

There are other numerous scenarios for seeking a key replacement. Irrespective of the time of need, the examples offered are the most common solutions to refer to when you need a key replacement. The good news is that there is assistance for you when you know what to bring forth when seeking a replacement. Besides, calling is the best action you can take to find out whether your situation is covered and what it is going to take to have your replacement keys availed to you. Always offer accurate and practical information when you call because that will lead to faster outcomes for your key replacement.

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The Dealership or Locksmith for Car Key Replacement

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

The Dealership or Locksmith for Car Key Replacement

It used to be that getting a key made was just a matter of a trip to the hardware store, and that was it. Hand the clerk your key, he makes a duplicate, gives it back to you, and you are on your way home, the owner of a new key. Unfortunately, unless you are a cave dweller, locks and keys are a lot more sophisticated today. Naturally, all of this technology can come at a very steep price.

Many new cars today have what are called a proximity key, which allows an owner to unlock their car door by simply having the correct key close. Further, they can start the ignition by having a key close, then pushing a Start button on the dash. Needless to say, these systems aren’t cheap to replace a key for, but even the less sophisticated keys aren’t cheap. Big thanks to the guys at Ahwatukee Locksmith for all the useful information.

Transponder Systems

transponder1To prevent automobile theft, many cars today have transponder systems that prevent them from starting without the key that is programmed to match it. These systems also include a fob with buttons that lock or unlock the doors.

If you happen to lose the key and the fob you can take it to your car’s dealer for a replacement and reprogramming, but it will cost you about $200, depending on the make of the car as well as the key’s design. Some dealers will charge you up to $375 for this service while others will charge up to $500, depending on the model.

If you want to save money and you can afford to wait, you might be able to buy a replacement key over the Internet. A Honda dealer, for example, might charge you up to $200 to replace the key to a 2005 Accord. Websites such as, a source for all kinds of key replacements at discount prices, will usually charge you considerably less. The same key for the above mentioned Accord sells on keylessride for $54. If you decide to opt for an off-brand, a key will cost you about $45. If you want a locksmith to cut another key and program it, the cost will be an additional $80, bringing the total to $134.

Going it Alone

Depending on the make a model of your car, you can do it yourself and save more money. The first thing to do in these instances is to buy a fob from one of many sources, checking the instructions in the owner’s manual for your car, then program the fob to match. If you need more information or another view on the instructions, these can usually be found online. You can search online by entering your car’s model name and “key programming.”

Another problem that often presents itself is when the buttons of your fob stop working, but you can still start the car with the key. It’s at this point that the fob’s battery usually needs to be changed. These types of batteries can usually be purchased at minimal expense at drugstores, convenience stores, and retailers such as Radio Shack for less than $10. There is usually a tiny screw in what amounts to a door on the fob that you can open and replace the battery. If not, you might be able to pry the door open with a coin or a small screwdriver to replace the battery.

If after you have replaced the electronics of the fob it still doesn’t work, you might have to replace the electronics completely. Most dealers will do this for around $100 or slightly less, depending on the model of your car. This is another task that you can usually accomplish yourself and have it cost you minimal money.

Call a Locksmith

locksmith3Let’s face it. Some people are simply not inclined to make their repairs. This does not mean, however, that they can’t save money. It’s for these people that a locksmith is usually the best idea for replacing a key. Calling a locksmith won’t, admittedly, cost you less than doing the work yourself, but if you want to save both time and money, a locksmith will probably be your best bet. You should also consider that the cost of a locksmith will usually be significantly less than a dealer, even if he does charge you more for a service call.

Obviously, a locksmith knows what he’s doing, and since more cars are coming equipped with programmable keys and fobs, most locksmiths have been trained to work with them. It’s also important to note that if a locksmith has to come to your home or office to make a key, they usually have a miniature version of their shop in their truck or van and can make your key while you wait. This is another significant cost savings. Not only will locksmiths cost you less because they are in that business and nothing else, but locksmiths are usually the best deal when time is of the essence. There is also less chance of damage to your car since the car does not need to be towed to a dealership for the work to be done. The locksmith will usually come to wherever the car is located to get the job done. Another benefit of a locksmith is that they are normally available 24/7.

Better Safe Than Sorry

There’s no avoiding the fact that the keys used on modern cars are expensive to replace. Just as is the case with many other things in life, the best defense against lost keys is to get a spare key made when you have the time to do it. It’s when you don’t have a key or the time to deal with it that it’s called an emergency and it will cost you a premium to get the problem resolved.

Finally, if you are one of those kinds of people who like to tempt fate by having only one set of keys, consider this: if you lose your keys, and you need to get your car towed to a dealership for service, it can cost you more than $1,000 to replace the locks on your car. The choice is yours to make.

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How To Fix A Car Ignition Problem

Posted by on Feb 2, 2016

How To Fix A Car Ignition Problem

It’s common to have cars with ignition keys that fail to turn. The experience is usually very frustrating and time-consuming, and it can delay you in going where you want. Car ignition problems are often brought about by the model of your car or the situation that you are in. If your car’s ignition doesn’t turn on, here are tips on how to fix it:

The first thing that you should do is to check the brake light for parking and ensure that it’s on. This is to make sure that you don’t roll away while you are trying to turn on the ignition key. After making sure that the light is on, you should apply some pressure directly on the key and turn the steering wheel of the car back and forth in order to find a free spot to easily turn the key.

Check the selector: Many automatic cars will mostly prevent you from igniting with the car key if the gear selector is not in the park or neutral position; therefore, you should ensure that the gear selector is in the right position.

LubricantLubricate the lock cylinder: If the gear selector is in ideal position and you have tried to turn on the key and it can’t, you should now clean and also lubricate the lock cylinder. Here you need to spray small units of electrical contact cleaner in order to flush away all the dirt and grime that might actually be in the cylinder. This should be followed directly by a quick spray of silicone or a drop of graphite. Normally, when applying, you should be very careful and also avoid dripping the lubricant on upholstery or carpet.

You should prevent accumulation of fumes in the car by keeping your car open. To avoid fire, you should avoid sparks and open flames near the car lock cylinder.

Turn the key on: Once you have lubricated enough, you should try putting the key on again. If the key refuses to turn, the problem may as well be in the tumbler; the tumbler might generally have been stuck in a bad locked position. To solve the problem, you should firmly tap the face of the lock cylinder using a tool like tack hammer. You should tap for like one minute.

If you do this and the key refuses to turn, you should now check the key for any problems. Here you should place the key on a very flat and solid surface then check if it lays flat or is arched up. If it looks crooked, you should strike it using a block of wood or a similar hard object. You should avoid using a hammer, steel, or a hard metal object as you can damage the grooves of the key. If the key is now flat and it still can’t turn, you should tap it using a hammer while it’s still in the ignition.

Auto LocksmithSeek help from auto locksmiths: If you have tried all this and key fails to turn, you should seek the services of a reputable locksmith. These are the moments when locksmith companies come in handy. Their 24×7 customer service makes sure that the customers in distress are just a phone call away, and upon summoned the technicians of the said companies to get to the customers with specialized tools with the help of which they solve the ignition problem with little or no effort. The technicians of car locksmith companies in Austin are experienced and competent enough to take care of any situation and resolve them at the earliest.

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