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Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Posted by on Feb 3, 2016

Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock

As technology continues to impact every aspect of our lives, security remains one of the most affected sectors. Biometric fingerprint lock is one of the most advanced forms of security that every company should invest in. Basically, this technology operates by using the thumb print to identify and verify an individual before one is allowed to access a building, office, home or locker. Think of this scenario, you have misplaced your office key while everyone is waiting for you to unlock the door. Other than time waste, confusion and the cost incurred in paying a locksmith to unlock and replace the door, there is the extra cost of missed opportunities in terms of customer calls and inquiries that go unanswered while trying to resolve such a mess. This is just one case that a biometric fingerprint lock can resolve. Thanks to the guys at for the useful information.


Advantages of a Biometric Fingerprint Lock


Key less door

biometric fingerprint lockHaving a key less door is one of the major advantages of a biometric fingerprint lock. Operating a key less door allows you to avoid inconveniences like losing your keys, locking your keys inside the house, or forgetting your office keys at home thus having to rush back. Apart from inconvenience, there is a major security threat when using keys due to override. Cases or robberies by people with lock picking abilities are on the rise as criminals keep getting smarter every day. However, with biometric fingerprint locks, your fingerprint is the only thing that can be recognized and authorized to gain access. The use of fingerprint, being the most unique part of human body, makes it impossible for such criminals to gain unauthorized access to your home, office or business.

Cost effective

Most people shy away from investing in a biometric fingerprint lock due to high initial cost. However, in the long run, this technology is cheap as compared to traditional locks. With a manual lock, you will incur numerous costs on repair the traditional lock every time it breaks down. However, this is not the case with biometric fingerprint lock. It is made from high quality durable material using the latest technology to not only makes it long lasting but also more efficient.

Possible to keep records

If you want to keep track of all the people who gain access to your office, home or business premise, then this technology is ideal for you. When an authorized person gains access by pressing a finger on the finger print scanner, all the details such time of entry and the fingerprint records are stored in the data base for retrieval or monitoring purposes. Further, the technology does not allow a fingerprint to be recreated thus eliminating privacy concerns and cases of fraud.


Simplicity is another major advantage of a biometric finger lock .This technology is user-friendly both to the users and the administrators. All that is required is to scan the fingerprints of the authorized personnel and store in the data base. The authorized persons are required topes on the lock before gaining access. Users don’t require any special skills to gain entry as long as their fingerprints match that in the data base.

Hence, if you are looking for a worthy investment in terms of security, then biometric fingerprint is the best choice.

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