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The Best Arrow Locks

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

The Best Arrow Locks

When you’re looking for a one stop resource for security hardware, the quest for value and quality will lead you to Arrow. The company offers you an unparalleled lineup of cylinders, locks, exit devices and much more. In fact, Arrow can meet all your needs with its intelligently designed products that can meet the most exacting of standards.

Arrow manufactures locks for security professionals who earn their living recommending, installing and servicing locks. They know that only one brand offers them widest range of locking hardware, door controls and key systems.

The outstanding hardware value offered by Arrow gives Security Professionals the opportunity to provide a high quality solutions at an affordable price. Let’s have a close look at the best Arrow locks, thanks to our friends at

Keyless Entry Systems

These hi-tech locks utilize voice-guided programming and latest touch screen technology. Their visual screen indicators alert you when access is denied or granted. You also get an indication when deadbolt door lock batteries are getting low. They are equipped with a motorized tapered bolt that locks and unlocks when a precise code is entered. You also get a warning beep when deadbolt isn’t fully extended into your door jamb.

The new Arrow Revolution Deadbolt has an anti-pick shied that protects against lock tampering. An intelligent lock feature automatically relocks the door if it’s left unlocked. There’s an inbuilt alarm that sounds whenever there’s a movement or vibration of the door. There is a multi-lingual voice prompting and it uses standard AA batteries.

Cylindrical Levers

You can choose from a full line of grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical levers at variety of price points and for various applications.

Tubular Locks

These locks offer a wide selection of both levers and knobs for a price point applications.

Cylindrical Knobs

You can choose from a range of grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical knobs that are perfect fit for variety of price points and applications.

Interchangeable Core

The Arrow SFIC offers quality US made product at an affordable price.

Key System

Arrow offers you a full line of key systems from mortise cylinders to cylindrical to rim. In addition, now arrow has introduced a new cam loc to expand this particular line.

Mortise Locks

The BM and AM Series mortise locks come with expansive range of options and trims available for variety of end user applications.


The huge deadbolt series from Arrow continues to grow with additional functions and features to the Grade 1, Grade 2, D and E series product line.

Let’s have a close look at few of them:

* Arrow D Series Deadbolt Locks

Arrow D SeriesThese are Grade 1 certified locks that are engineered to perform under most extreme conditions where security is critical. They easily surpass the demands of institutional, industrial and commercial applications. They come in two piece housing with free-spinning outer ring that prevents wrenching. Their mounting screws are concealed and its locking bolt has one inch throw.

* Arrow E Series Deadbolt Locks

Arrow E SeriesThese are Grade 2 certified locks that have a rotating collar and are completely tamper resistant, and come with concealed screws and steel pin insert and deadbolt. They come with one inch deadbolt locking latch for added security. They are available with standard lock cylinders and can be easily prepped with SFIC lock cylinder.

* Medeco Series 14 Deadbolt Lock

It is a Grade 2 commercial deadbolt that offers outstanding combination of performance, cylinder options and value. It has a one-inch throw steel blt with form steel pins that can resist attacks. Its patented keyway is fully secure when using M3 keys. You can get them in variety of finishes.

* Master Lock Heavy Duty Deadbolt Lock

It is a certified Grade 2 lock available in brushed chrome finish. It comes with anti-pry collar that can resist all prying attacks and comes with a full one inch throw locking bolt. It also has a master lock (BumpStop) locking cylinder.

* Medeco Maxum Deadbolt Lock

It is a grade 1 certified lock that is made of solid brass with a free turning collar that can resist wrenching attacks. Its’ one inch steel locking bolt is really powerful and comes with a wide thumb-turn for physically challenged. It is packaged with two inch screws that attack the strike directly to building structure.

* Occupancy Indicator Deadbolt

It is available in special “E” series frame that is grade 2 certified. It offers privacy by displaying in a large window right on the front of the lock, “vacant” when open and “In-use” when locked. An emergency override key is also available. Best for use in restrooms.

* Master Lock Residential Deadbolt

It’s a grade 3 single cylinder deadbolt that is available in three different finishes, antique brass, polished brass and satin nickel. Has fully adjustable latch that allows this lock to fit doors with thickness from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″. It is best suited for external applications.

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