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Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?

Posted by on Dec 17, 2015

Does Your Car Key Have A Twin?

Did you know your car key may have a twin? Have you ever though about this question? If you haven’t then you need to seriously consider about it. Can you imagine somebody else having a key similar to yours? A complete stranger who may live few miles or blocks away can easily access your car without struggling or fidgeting. But like others you might think that chances of this happening are quite slim. It’s true that odds are quite low, but some owners are shocked to discover that another key can easily open their car. Sadly, many come to know of this fact when its too late. The unscrupulous one will have gotten away with your valuables or car. That can be heartbreaking and a big loss. A big thank you to the guys at for all the useful information.

How Does It Happen?

Most people usually leave their car after ensuring its properly locked. They feel confident that once it’s locked nobody can access it since we’re the only ones to possess its keys. And it’s impossible for anybody in his or her right mind to attempt to break in a broad daylight. But did you know that key combination that are used by most car manufactures are quite limited. For instance, top brands such as Toyota, Honda or Ford usually have maximum of 3700 combinations. This means at some point, they’ll have to reuse earlier combinations. This is how most car key twins’ are born. There can be thousands of twins in the country and many car owners come to that the hard way when they lose their beloved car!

What Are The Risks of your Car Key Having a Twin?

Twin Car KeyThe thought of a twin key to your existing can be worrying enough. Can you imagine another person gaining access to your car and decamping you’re your valuables or you walking into a parking lot only to discover an empty space? In some cases you might be luckier to discover a twin in a friendlier manner. For instance, you might discover your Honda Accord shares the same key with the one that your father’s Honda Odyssey. This is after you mistakenly took the wrong key and were still able to unlock the door and also start your father’s car. Strangely enough, these two cars were sourced through different outlets and one of them was manufactured 3 years than the other. What if this discovery had been made by a crooked individual or a stranger?

Car Key Twin Not a New Incident!

According to locksmiths and car dealers, cars with identical keys aren’t a new phenomenon. But, many discover this a hard way after their items or car has been stolen. In fact, there’s even a possibility of twins in electronic keys that use special radio frequencies to close or open the doors. Car thieves know this and are braking into expensive cars by simply using a sophisticated radio relay system that sufficiently amplifies radio signal right the car owner’s house. It’s not just cars that are affected but homes as well.
Usually thieves break in and walk around with a bunch of keys hoping to find a perfect match. You like others are a likely victim.

What Can You Do About It?

car keysIt’s easy to minimize the odds of your keys having a twin by turning to rekeying. Unfortunately, this is not the perfect solution. Rekeying may offer you another key that made with the help of similar tumblers, cut depths or combinations. There’s a possibility of another person owning the twin key. So what’s the best solution? You can go for a higher grade lock; for example, installing good dead bolts. These types of locks and keys are made using entirely different combinations than one used by car manufactures. So chances of similar keys coming from same manufacturer are quite slim. However, it’s important to shop around and look for reputable and popular brands so as to be assured of top notch security.

Although the chances of someone else having a twin to your car key are slim, it’s best to be extra vigilant. Though its easier to smash a window than trying to unlock it using set of car keys, but reality is that car keys with twins do exist. By investing in a new better grade lock, searches on “does my car have a twin?” and related questions could become a thing of past. Get in touch with your local locksmith for lasting solution to your concerns!